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Av Tina Karlsson - 9 mars 2012 14:38

A while ago I started to try to found out more about the stallions and mares in Dinio's pedigree. Slowly my knowledge is growing. This is what I have found so far:

Jenson - By Agente out of Empalar (by Leopardo). Jenson is another prepotent Yeguada Militar bred stallion. He has been influencial in Spain producing the noted stallion Celesto and the infamous mare Salina as well as in the Americas with the stallion Ofendido VII who has produced numerous champion offspring throughout the United States and was himself  awarded 2001 AHSA Andalusian/Lusitano Sire of the Year.

Jenson is Dinio's mother's grand father.

Agente - by Maluso out of Maltesa II (by Estapeno). Agente was pivotal in the evolution of change in the Spanish horse particularly with regard to movement.. Agente produced offspring of a more 'elastic' type. The Spanish Military, aware of the stallion's qualities, bred (among others) Leviton, condisered to be one of the most influencial stallions of the century. Agente was the most famos son of Maluso and remains the prototype for the Military Stud breeding program where his portrait in tiles is presented on the left pillar at the entry to the Military Stud Farm.

Agente is Dinio's mother's great grand father and is also represented in Dinio's fathers line.

Below is his complete Pedigree. When I know more I will add it here. If there is anyone who know more, please notify me.


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