Alla inlägg den 25 mars 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 25 mars 2012 18:24

This weekend the weather was lovely so my darling mother decided to pop in when Dinio and I had our session. Also my sister and her duaghter Jennifer came, cause they will move their horse "Chili Kungen" to our stable next weekend. There is so much to move when changing stables. Anyway, Dinio did great and I am soooo pleased with him.

Serpentines in wrong canter - no problem, flying change - no problem, half passes in trot and canter - no problem. Trot halt - no problem. Catching canter from the walk worked perfectly during our Saturday session, but not so well during our Sunday session. But it is getting better and better. I still have to work on the reverse and the canter. We also have some work left on transitions between extended trot and working trot. But we are going in the correct direction.

I have a new puzzle to solve - Dinio is now working on a straight bridle, but he is not so pleased with it. We have got orders from Dinios dentist to ride on this bridle for a while. So I have to find a solution to this.

After our session during Saturday, a happy Jennifer was aloud to ride Dinio in the walk for a little while. She takes lession on a riding school and just love horses. In fact she rides very well and want to ride on Dinio now and then. But she will have to wait until our riding arena has a fence on the open side of the arena, which will be in place during this spring. Adding some photos from our weekend session.


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