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Av Tina Karlsson - 15 april 2012 11:05

29th of March Dinio's chiropractor examined him and corrected him. He was a bit stuck in his right side. His mouth problem could origin from this. But overall she thought that Dinio had developed a lot and was really fit. I shouldn't worry to much, give him an easy session this day and from the next day ride him as usual. March 30 my sister moved to our stable with her horse Chilikungen. He settled in immediately. I also noticed that Dinio has not got any cholic for 7 weeks now. Hipp hipp Hurray!!

Thow my sister is new in the stable and does'nt know the surroundings we decided to take a long walk together with our horses on April 3rd. My ame was to show here the forrest nereby. Dinio took the lead and was so happy to walk inte the nature again. Due to the wet ground in the forrest I haven't been there for a while.  Suddenly Dinio froze, his heart started to beat very hard. He was really terryfied and paralized. In those situations you really have to take it very slow and easy. I tried to get in touch with him with no success. Chilikungen was calm and we tried to let him take the lead. But Dinio didn't follow. Still very afraid and the hart still beating very hard. So we decided to turn back. Was it wild bor or a moose?

Dinio didn't want to return eather. He was still not listening to me. Finally he started to move and we took another way through the forrest. When leaving the forrest I noticed that Dinio was swetting a lot and he was still very upset. He didn't calm down until we entered the farm where the stable is situated. Poor Dinio! Both my sister and I wonder what it whas that have frightened him so much.

Our dressage sessions varies from excellent to not so good. The straight bridle makes Dinio to open his mouth and he fights it. So this is a bridle that I have to exclude. But the dentist gave strong orders. Talked to Helen in Spain and she recommend me to try Sprenger. Dinio has a very small mouth and need a bridle that doesn't take som much place in his mouth. I have also looked at Bomber bits and decided to try Bomber bits happy mouth - a stright bridle with tounge freedom. After one session this friday (13th of April) I must say it was a huge different - so much calmer in his mouth.

Today Sunday 15th Margareta will helf me to check wether the bridle is correct in lengt or if it to short. But I think it fits.

Oh, I just forgot. On April 11th a small cholic attack with was over after 10 minutes.

Adding one of my favourit photos of me and Dinio. Taken March 25 - 2012.  

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