Alla inlägg den 1 maj 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 maj 2012 18:35

Today I had a super feeling on Dinio. He was just fantastic. A day to remember and I hope this feeling will stay for a while. We are soon ready for competitions. We have got our competition licenses so nothing will stop us now. I just have to choose very carefully among the competitions and classes. I have to qualify to mid level B which means that Dinio and I have to compete in mid level C twice and the results not lower than 62%. If we are lucky and our small issues left are solved we can hopeully qualify to mid level A as well this year. For that we have to compete twice in mid level B and the results not lower than 62%. We are certainly going to try.

The weather are now warm and sunny here in Sweden. The grass are growing and the trees are turning green. Lovely! This has affected Dinio as well, he is happier than ever, enjoyes the sun and are drinking water better and better.Thank God for that! I have increased his concentrated feeding with 0.5 kg and decreased his straw by 1kg. I have also exchanged his afternoon hay with 3,5 kg horse hage. He just loves it!

April 16 my ferrier attended Dinios hoofs. They are improving month by month but there are still a bit more before my ferrier is happy. Adding a picture of his front hoofs now.

April 27 a saddle check with Maria Hallring. The saddle fitted perfectly. She also gave Dinio a massage and she found that he had some problems with a few muscle groups. She gave me instructions and I have continued to massage him every day - which are giving a lot of pay off. He just feels wonderful now. 


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