Alla inlägg den 7 maj 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 maj 2012 08:37

Since last Tuesday, when Dinio was just super, the performance have varied a lot. Not to bad of course but it would be nice to keep the feeling for several days. But it depends, of course, on many things, disturbances around the outdoor arena when riding, how I am feeling for the day and so on. Yesterday Dinio was very tensed but even so he did a splendid collected work. Have to be happy for that. Otherwise the weekend was wonderful, regarding to the weather. Sunshine every day, 15 degrees C. Dinio moves around a lot now in his outdoor paddock. He has missed the sun and enjoys every minute of it. Saturday was spent on a cleaning day at the stable. Everybody joined and we did some tidying up around and inside the stable but also the surroundings in general. Dinio lost a shoe when playing around but my ferrier will arrive on Monday to put it on again.

Next weekend we will attend a two-day dressage clinic in Enköping. Later on in May I have sceduled a clinic visit to examine Dinio's teeth with exray and to check his couthing in the beginning of every session.

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