Alla inlägg den 27 maj 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 27 maj 2012 10:14

A week ago - the summer finally arrived. Dinio enjoys the sun and the warm weather. I can finally relax a bit because now he drinks water properly. I am still giving him slobber mash with a lot of water and a lot of water in his concentrated feeding. I have also started to give him "Vitamate Cool Performer", a rice based concentrated feeding. Good for colic horses and he just loves it. Rather expensive but worth a try.

This Wednesday I took Dinio to the vet clinic. Wanted to examine his mouth once again, due to his mouth problem when riding. The vet (dentist) found some problems and corrected them. She said that Dinio had fine teeth but one of them was higher than the others. He had two sores in his gum, not good. This tooth is his problem area and I have to come back within 4-6 months, depending on how he feels when riding. She also checked the bridle and it was just perfect for Dinio. I should give him a 3 day resting and then start to ride him as usual again. Dinio also got a flour treatment.

On Thursday I dewormed Dinio and during Thursday and Friday he stayed in his outdoor paddock from 07.00 too 16.00 He just loved it. Yesterday I gave him an easy session and he felt a bit tensed and over excited. He got a bit worried when I brought him in earlier (than 16.00) and he called for the other horses. But as soon as I was riding him he calmed down.

Today we are going to do some serious work.

Adding some photos from this week from the outdoor paddock. The muscles are coming more and more and he has also gained more in weight.    

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