Alla inlägg den 30 maj 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 maj 2012 21:21

Yesterday Dinio got a resting day, though I was ill. Today Dinio was first attended by his ferrier. We are still having problems with the right forward hoof but it is developing slowly. During the evening Gunilla Ruus came and we had our second session. Dinio has just felt lovely, relaxed and calm in his mouth during our last sessions, but today he was on edge. Nevertheless he did a good job this evening and at the end he felt super. We trained on bending, straightness, volts with correct tracking, shoulder in, both in trot and canter, some counter canter where the left counter canter is the weekest so here we have some work to do. I also took the opportunity to train a bit on medium extended trot and canter, which worked perfectly. At the end we also did some work with half passes in counter canter on the long side of the arena, which really made Dinio so soft with super canter. It was a real good exercise and I will do this one now and then when needed.

Very pleased indeed I gave Dinio a shower and some extra hay to feed on until the evening hay is served. He was also very pleased with himself.

Adding a photo from last week, Dinio in his beloved outdoor paddock.


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