Alla inlägg den 10 september 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 september 2012 07:39

Our work continues and Dinio and I are developing. We have now started to increase the collected work and it works very well. Unfortunately Dinio is still having problems with his stomach, now and then, and yesterday I introduced a slow feeding hay net which will provide Dinio with hay during 24 hours. Hopefully, in a few days, he will feed calmly. Although he have got his feed 5 times per day he have eaten to fast and I think this is one of the problems with his stomach. So I cross my fingers.

When Dinio is OK in his stomach his is also working extremely well. Last Wednesday I trained for Gunilla and just everything worked. He was just wonderful. Relaxed, with me all the way, energetic and just wonderful. Drove home with a big smile. Darling Dinio! I must say that our weekly sessions with Gunilla has improved our performance. She is just wonderful to train for.

This weekend we attended a two-day-clinic for Mette Henriksen. Gunilla is also training for Mette. As allways, when coming to a new place, Dinio behaves extremely well. I am so proud of him. And my darling mother joined me and helped me when loading on and off and so on. Dinio know us both and we both know him too, so that makes it safe and comforting.

From Mette I got good help in affecting the horse with my aids. Sometimes I have the feeling that he doesn't understand me and Mette saw what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the timing was wrong, and sometimes my right toe dipped, which resulted in a locket hip. When lifting the to up I came down on my right seeting bone and also got the correct respons. Small things that means so much. So, from now on I have to work on timing and constantly work on ME!

The clinic went well and I am very pleased. Adding some photos from the clinic.


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