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Av Tina Karlsson - 23 september 2012 07:51

Time flies fast. It is now two weeks since my last note. So here comes a summary of the recent two weeks.

Week 37

Monday 10th, Dinio felt tired so I took him for a long walk around the Täljö area. He had a little high temp (38.3) before our ride and 37.9 after. It can, of course depend on the thick rug he is wareing but need to have my eyes on this.

Tuesday 11th, still a bit tired. Gave him an easy session, only walk and trot work, temp 37.9

Wednesday 12th, easy work and a short stroll around Täljö, temp 37.9

Thursday 13th, increased his work, felt nice, temp 37.9

Friday 14th, a resting day, temp 37.9

Saturday 15th, dressage session, a happy Dinio with a lot of energy, felt so nice, temp 37.9

Sunday 16th, a cleaning day in the stable, everybody joined and we manage to complete a lot of things that had to be done. Everything looked very nice indeed when we finished. Then it was time for my niece Jennifer to ride on Dinio. She brushed him thoroughly and then I rode him for about 30 minutes. A very happy Jennifer mounted and did very well. She rode about 30 minutes, both in trot and walk. I am not allowing her to gallop yet, but she will be able to in the future. Dinio behaved and took good care of her. Temp 38.0

Week 38

Monday 17th, his stomach was a bit swollen when I arrived to the stable, temp 37.9, took him on a long walk around Täljö. After our ride the stomach was normal.

Tuesday 18th, dressage session with Gunilla. A bit swollen in his stomach, but he did very well during the session. Felt a bit off in the beginning but soon he was full of energy and felt very well again. One thing I have noticed is that after his work he oftens drop loose faeces. Hmmmm. I do have a sensitive horse and I think he takes his stress inside of him.

Wednesday 19th, a loooong walk around Täljö, very nice in his stomach and perfect faeces, but 38.0 ?????

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st, dressage sessions with Hector Carmona. The exercise was and my training for now is to ride him from behind straight forward and out in to my hand, with the nose in front of the verticle. The goal is to get him to take longer steps and not to feel restrained by me. Unfortunately I found a small soft gall on his right front leg after our second session. The surface at the indoor arena was probably not so good so this was the first and the last time I am riding Dinio there. Temp Thursday and Friday 38.0

Saturday 22nd, Temp 38.1, Dinio tired, gave him a massage and a resting day. Stomach OK. I have , since the beginning of this week, removed Hippo grow Alfa from his evening meel and the stomach swelling in the afternoons have disappeard. I am now 100% sure that he is allergic to corn. Poor Dinio. Next week I will by a new concentrated feeding, Primero Total, especially composed for Spanish horses. Will slowly introduce it to him and are hopeing that this will be good for him.

Sunday 23rd - Today I will take Dinio on a long walk in the nature. Bad weather but he loves a good walk around.

Adding som pictures from last weekend.      

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