Alla inlägg den 12 oktober 2013

Av Tina Karlsson - 12 oktober 2013 09:28

October with chilly nights and sunny days with high crispy air. The leafs are turning red and yellow and starting to fall down. The falling leafs are very fascinating to Dinio. He finds them a little bit scary. Now it is completely dark around 18.00 hours. A lot of wild animals are on the move around 17.00 hours and we often comes very near them when riding to the indoor arena. Yesterday they completely surpriced us and we suddenly were surrounded by 8 bambis. Dinio nearly got a hart attack. But after about 10 minutes we could pass them when Dinio understood that they were harmless to him. 

Our training continues and Dinio developes day by day. Our last training session with Jan Schöneman was the best ever. So proud. The collected work has increased and he is getting stronger and stronger. He also gets very loos in his body and his mouth is getting better and better. Now we have the hole winter ahead of us  and thank God for having an indoor arena to train in.

Adding some new photos taken by Natalie Lindholm in June this year.


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