Alla inlägg den 30 april 2014

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 april 2014 10:49

It has been a while since my last entry. The winter has passed and the spring is finally here. For the first time, since Dinio came to me, I have been able to train him during the hole winter. An indoor arena is an fantastic asset, especially up here in Sweden. My object from our last clinic was to work him in a long low form and to create more ralaxation. This work has turned off. He has developed his muscles and feels stronger than ever. 

During december we went to see a specialist in Gastro for a consultation regarding his stomach problems. We did an gastroexcam and the outcome of that - no ulcers. Was recommended to give him Pronutrin which often helps horses with gastro problems. And I must say - it has helped. I am also giving him a spoon of Relax Me from Horse First. A supplement that calmes the stomach area. Dinio has also got a ThermoBar installed. It will keep the water temperature around 25--28 degrees C.

April 14th Dinio turned 15 years old. Took a video 6 days later when he stayed in his paddock. He gave me a show - telling me that he just loves the sunshine and the warm weather, it was around 20 degrees C this day. Take 4 minutes and enjoy this video - Dinio celebrating life.

Our work will of course continue this spring. Our competitonsplan is to compete during this summer, outdoor competitions and to continue the competitions during this autumn.


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