Alla inlägg den 8 november 2015

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 november 2015 10:43

Well, November is here and the days are getting shorter and shorter for every day that passes bye. Soon it is dark when you leave home for work in the mornings and dark when you leave work for home in the evenings. This means that from now Dinio and I have to ride in the indoor arena from Monday to Friday. Which doesn't suit my Dinio at all. He prefers variation in his work - he loves the forrest and to take long walk abouts. But, what to do?

Now it is time to plan our winter training. As always, there are things to improve and new things to train on. For us we have to keep on with and improve our collected work and also train on flying changes. I aim to start him again in May next year - so we have plenty of time.

I have initiated a new Facebook-group - called "Spanska hästar i sporten" - english translation "Spanish competition horses in Sweden". We have already got over 50 competing horses and over 80 members, and in only a few weeks. Just wonderful. The horses are competing in dressage, jumping, cross country, WE from low level to mid- to high level. Some of the horses are competing on an international level. So nice to be able to connect with each other. Now there is a possibility to arrange something especially for the spanish horses and riders in Sweden. I have already learned that there are several spanish trainers present here in Sweden, giving clinics on a regular basis on different locations. We shall see what we can do in the group and what we can agree on. A dream scenario would be a grate clinic, or several, next year. Something exclusive for us who rides and competes with PRE/CDE/PRE-partbreed's in Sweden!!!!

But - first a long winter with a lot of home based training. Adding a picture from our last competition, a high light moment for Dinio and me, when we earned our first qualification points.  

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