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Av Tina Karlsson - 4 januari 2011 21:15

Today I bought a sheep fur to put under the saddle. Very high price but necessary cause my saddle might be a little bit wide. I have also sceduled a saddle test to find out if I shall keep my Amerigo or change to another saddle.

Dinio is doing better and better. At our session today he felt very forward in the trot and the canter. We worked on transitions and half halts which worked very well. The walk pirouttes didn't work so well today. But then again, there were 3 other horses in the arena tonight. So I think this is his problem. He gets a little disturbed. He never does anything ugly but I can feel that he looses the forwardness in the walk from time to time. But we will come around this.

After about 45 minutes I returned to the stable and took care of his bruces. They looked a little bit better today so I decided to stick with the treatment I have choosen for them. Another thing that is bothering me is a hoof crack he has on the outside of his right front hoof. My ferrier discovered it when he visited me the first time. I am checking it on a daily basis and also treat his hoofs with a special ointment. I left a very happy Dinio, feeding on his evening meal.

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 januari 2011 20:09

My first working day after the vacation. Ended work at 16.00 and left for the stable.

Dinio greated me and we cuddled for a while. He looked very alert today. I cleaned out his box and to my surprice he had peed a lot. So the water bucket gave some result. Lovely. Took his temperature, 37.8 Good. Brushed him and discovered some small bruces. Could it be the boots? One was a little bit infected so I have to attend them after our session. No boots today. Went to the indoor arena and Ubbe (a P.R.E-horse rider and trainer) were there, helding a clinic. We started our own session and after a while he said "What a lovely spanish boy you have"! Yes - I answered, isn't he. We continued and after our canter session he (Ubbe) said "What a lovely canter he has. It is very seldom you see such good canter in the breed". Yes - I answered. His canter is excellent. In addition Dinio was very forward today so I took the opportunity to train on half halts, transitions and catching the correct canter. Everything worked today and he felt just lovely. Didn't dare to work him to long so we finished our session after about 45 minutes. Went back to the stable and attended his bruces. Hope this will do, I thought. Dinner was served and Dinio enjoyed everything of it. Since he gets 6 kg of hay in the evening I think he will have to eat for about 3 hours, at least. Sleep well my lovely Spanish boy. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 januari 2011 17:25

I arrived at 10.30 today and started to clean out his box. Dinio torned a little bit disappointed when I didn't take him in directly. But I needed to check his box thoroughly wether he had peed or not. But there was a lot of pee so when I finished cleaning I took his water bucket and installed it too. Then I fetched him from the paddock and he got his luncheon. I took a coffee and chatted a bit with my stable friends.The weather was really nice today, only -5 degrees and no wind so I decided that we should skip the indoor arena today and instead take a walk in the forrest. Ann accompanied me and we sat up and left the stable. Dinio looked and looked and looked, there was so much to take in. We walked on a forrest road, no traffic and no skiers. Nice! Deep forrest around us and of course - a lot of snow. Ann and I chatted about our horses, the present and of the future. Ann has a brown gelding, very good looking, and seams to be a very nice horse. She rides dressage and are about my age. We passed a feeding place for the wild animals, they are having a tuff time now with all the deep snow, so the owner of the farm is feeding them. I thought that Dinio might be a little bit afraid if he should smell them but he didn't react at all. This was the first time for Dinio to come out in the forrest. He behaved excellently and he really enjoyed it. This was really good for him.

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 januari 2011 17:26

Today we should ride out in the nature but I recieved a sms from Katahrina. She had got fever and was really ill, so we will do this another day. After Dinio had finished his luncheon I gave him a good brush. I noticed that he tried to pee several times, but nothing happened. Strange. Anyway, I took him to the indoor arena and gave him an easy session today. A little shoulder in and repeated the helps for catching the canter. It work really well. After a while he felt better so we continued to work on the walk pirouttes, which worked really good today. No spanish walk in the movements. After about 45 minutes we took a little walk around the farm and then I took him back to the stable. He tried several times to pee and now I got really worried. He looked happy and ate straw. Very strange indeed. Then finally he peed. Hmmm, I think I shall reinstall his water bucket tomorrow. Perhaps he doesn't drink enough? I stayed for a while, just to check on him but he looked very happy. He drank water and after a while he decided to take a nap. A little bit disturbed I left the stable.

Av Tina Karlsson - 31 december 2010 15:11

Yes, today I decided that Dinio should get a day off. I think both him and I needed that. I arrived at 10.30 and brought Dinio from the paddock to the stable, where his luncheon was already served. He ate and I took a coffe break with my stable friends.

After he had finished eating I gave him a good brush, inpected him thouroghly and cuddled for a while. I also cleaned out his paddock and when I returned to the stable I found him sleeping. He looked so peaceful, happy and content. Yes, Dinio , today is your resting day. Tomorrow we will take a ride in the nature accompanied by Carnioso.


Tina and Dinio

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 december 2010 18:44

Today is the last day of my vacation. And it has been a lovely vacation. How can it be otherwise when you have such a lovely horse as Dinio. I took the opportunity to sleep until 08.45 Normally I awake at 05.45 and even if I am on vacation I usually awakes at the same time. But not today. Lovely. After having had my morning coffee I celebrated my last vacation day by wathing TV, laying down on my sofa. Eat luncheon and at 13.30 I left for the stable. Arrived at 14.00 and Dinio greated me. We cuddled a bit and then I gave him a good brush and some massage. In the indoor arena we soon got company by Martin, a trainer having several horses in the stable. He asked me how everything was going and we chatted for a while. Martin seams to be a very nice person, rides very well and is very much appreciated as a trainer, as I understand it. I took the opportunity to ask him if he had any tip regarding that Dinio "hits his front shoes" when working in a long low form. He told me to try to work with him on the volt and to think shoulder in when riding in a long low form. It worked very well so I shall continue this until he is stronger. When working "straight forward" I will need to pick him up in a higher form. This is something I already have done but it is nice to get several suggestions to solve a "problem".

Dinio felt very good today so we ended our session after about 45 minutes. When I came back to the stable my new friends called for a coffee break. We sat for about 20 minutes, chatted and drunk our coffee. Nice!

I really wish every day could be like this one.

Av Tina Karlsson - 29 december 2010 17:07

Today my darling mother joined me and we took the opportunity to take som photos of wonderful Dinio. The photos were taken with my mobile phone so the quality isn't to good. Next time we will bring the digital camera. Anyway, took a photo of him in the stable. He really loves it there. We also took some photos from the indoor arena. I just gave him an easy session today. He felt lovely and happy.


Av Tina Karlsson - 28 december 2010 19:41

Today my ferrier arrived and attached the lost shoe. During his visit we stood really near another horse. Dinio didn't move a muscle. I am really proud of him. Thereafter I cleaned out his box and learned about the special facility for removing the menure from the stable. Very easy to use and it will spare the use of my back.

I brushed him and gave him a little massage. Then we went to the indoor arena and started our session. Today he felt very nice and easy going. The work in trot was really nice, shoulder in along the long sides was no problem at all. We caught the correct canter right a'way and I could also work him a little in the canter, changing from collected canter and extended canter. Do I have a forthcoming superstar? Yes, I do. Back in the stable I installed him in his box and gave him another brush. And some cuddeling, of course. When I was putting back all my stuff in the cupboard, the owner of the mare, standing in the box in front of Dinio, came. She asked me if she could place her mare on the stable path just outside Dinios box. Try, I said. It worked perfectly. Dinio looked a little bit and then he decided that the straw was better for him. All of the present people in the stable looked and then came the question - "Are you sure he is a stallion? Oh yes, be sure of that, I answered. Dinio shines now in his fur, I can see that he is calm and content, his eyes are very calm and happy, he greats me when I arrive and calls for me when I am fetching his stuff in the cupboard. I am really the lucky one for having the opportunity to own such a lovely horse.

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