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Av Tina Karlsson - 27 december 2010 10:00

Yes, now he is installed in the big stable among all the other horses. When I arrived today I met a very content Dinio. He looked very happy indeed. And so was I. It is warmer here so now I can remove the fleece rug he wares under the other stable rug. Today my sister and my niece joined me and they really liked Dinio. They helped me to clean out the "old" stable and then my niece gave Dinio a good brush. Then we went to the indoor arena and I gave Dinio an easy session. He felt a little irregular in the trot but I think it's due to the missing shoe. The ferrier will come tomorrow and take care of that.

I am very happy that Dinio have joined the other horses and that he don't need to stay all alone anymore.

Av Tina Karlsson - 26 december 2010 18:32

Arrived at 11.00 and took Dinio directly from the paddock to the stable and gave him his luncheon. While he was feeding I cleaned his paddock. Then I went back to the stable and sat with him for a while, cleaned out his box and then gave him a good brush. He really shines now. My darling Dinio.

During our session today I managed to catch the gallop, no problem at all, but then of course, I was allone in the arena. So I took the opportunity to train a little on the shoulder in along the long sides and on the diagonal. Worked very well. I also managed to work a little on the medium trot, but just a little. The walk piroettes works nicely to the left but to the right we always manage to do it with the spanish walk. So I will have to figure that out. Unfortunately he lost a shoe during our session so I have to get in touch with the ferrier tomorrow morning. Will get him boots as well so this dosn't happens in the future.

Tomorrow Dinio will probably enter his permanent box in the big stable and finally get the company of the other horses which he has been longing for.

Dinio - we have a great future ahead of us!

Av Tina Karlsson - 25 december 2010 18:15

Christmas Day, -7 degrees and very windy, so I decided not to ride in the nature today. Very sad, of course, but due to the wind it felt like -15 degrees and since I don't have a riding rug with a neck, I felt it would be best to ride in the indoor arena instead. He felt very well but today we had some trouble with catching the gallop. But I decided to let it be for now. He did some other good stuff instead.

There were 3 other horses there as well so I think that affected him a bit. He feels a little bit puzzled when there are many horses at the same time in the arena. But he will come around that too in time.

Av Tina Karlsson - 24 december 2010 20:12

Arrived at 10.30 and took immediately Dinio from the paddock to his stable. He greated me loudly today, probably because it was very windy and about -11 degrees. He was very pleased to get his luncheon and while he was feeding I started to clean out his box. He really enjoys my company. Fetched water and greated all my new friends in the stable with "Merry Christmas everybody!".

After a good brush and some massage I took him to the arena and we worked for about 50 minutes. The increased amount of Fibergi is really starting to kick in, he worked very well today. Very pleased we returned to the stable and I really think that he has gained some weight - it is starting to show. Wonderful!! I have been waiting for this to happen. But he must gain a lot more.

Tomorrow we will take a ride in the nature for the first time. Carnioso will join us and I hope this will go well and that Dinio will enjoy it.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 23 december 2010 18:36

Today I started my holiday vacation so first I went down town to bye some Christmas Gifts. At 13.30 I went to the stable. Today Dinio had spent about 4 hours in the paddock and he had nearly finished his luncheon when I arrived. Started to clean out his box and laid in a lot of straw. Dinio enjoyed it very much, laid down and rolled over several times. Then I gave him a good brush, a little massage and then we went to the indoor arena. I think he has started to gain some weight now and the increased amount of Fibergi is starting to kick in. Today we had a lovely session, still working on easy stuff but managed anyway to get some real quality steps in the trot. Dinio felt very happy and really enjoyed the session. Have I got the best horse ever? Yeaaah, I have!!

Tomorrow it is Christmas Eve. And its going to be a little bit warmer outside. Lovely!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 22 december 2010 18:30

so the horses never left the stable today. It was about -25 degrees in the evening when I arrived so we took a short walk. He needed that. He had three rugs on him during the walk so he was kept warm. Although he had stayed in all day long he behaved perfectly. I have really got an angel.

Av Tina Karlsson - 21 december 2010 20:51

Very cold this evening so I decided not to ride. Dinio needs his energy to keep himself warm and to gain some weight. I invited my darling mother to join me and she brought carrots and an apple, which was highly appreciated by him. While I cleaned his box my mother brushed him and cuddled with him. Today he has been here for 10 days and still no sign of any sicknesses. Only 4 days left of the quarantine so perhaps Dinio can join the other horses in the big stable on Christmas Day. For his sake I really hope so. Tomorrow is the last working day for me. On Thursday I will start my Christmas holiday vacation and will return to work on January 4th.

Av Tina Karlsson - 20 december 2010 20:54

We now have at least 60 cm of snow - and it is still snowing. Yesterday it was a real horror to drive to and home from the stable, today they had prepared the roads very well. One get a magic feeling when one is driving in the dark. A lot of snow on the trees and the houses, warm lights from the inside of the houses, some smell from the smoke when someone has lighted the fireplace and then the magic of the forrest in its winter costume. Mmmmmmm.

I arrived to the stable at 16.45 and started immediately to clean Dinios box. Meanwhile he got some hay and 0,5 kg of fibergii. Fetched the saddle and the bridle, prepared his evening meal, fetched water and then I gave him a good brush. He is skinny and I hope that the increased amount of hay soon will give some result. If not I have to check wether he has worms or not.

In the arena tonight were Dinio and two other horses. Hmmm I thougt, wonder how this will go. To my surprice he acted totally normal. He was a little bit tensed in the beginning but after a short while he turned in to himself. I was so pleased. He did it!! Due to his god behaviour I decided just to ride him for about 30 minutes and then we returned to the stable. He need to gain some weight before I ask more of him. Well inte stable I served him his evening meal (6 kg of hay and betfor with probimin and vitamine -B). Dinio - you are an white angel, living in a white stable and everything outside is totally white. Hope you love it here.

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