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Av Tina Karlsson - 29 juli 2012 17:50

Dinio improves day by day, week by week. This summer so much has happened with him. He has really developed. I'm still not satisfied with his muscle mass and his strength. He need to gain more in weight and also in strength. But we are getting there. Now and then he have had some muscle ace and tomorrow a professional will come and give him massage. Sure, I massage and stretch him on a daily basis but my skills on this matter is not so good. Hope she can help Dinio and give me some instructions of "how to do" and what Dinio needs.

In the work Dinio has finally found himself and me. We are more and more becoming a unit. He is more relaxed, more soft and a real good listener. And he enjoys his work. All this makes it more easy to get through to him and to develop him. Our last two clinics with Gunilla was the best ever. Sooo pleased.

We have finally got our arena fully fenced. This resulted in an opportunity for my darlig mother to ride Dinio again. It was quit a long time ago she rode him. And she did really well. She rode for a while on the arena and then I joined them for a walk around the Täljö area. Well done Mum!

My niece Jennifer also got the opportunity to ride him. I must say that she did extremely well and enjoyed every minute of it. A future dressage star?

Adding a video from our clinic two weeks ago.

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 juni 2012 07:59

Yes, havn't been writing for about two weeks, but it depends on a busy ending on my work before my vacation, which started this Tuesday. Lovely - now I have 4 weeks to spend on - just Dinio and myself. Last weeks clinic went well. Gunilla rode Dinio for about 20 minutes so she could feel for herself what's missing. Dinio needs to practice more on the basics and also to strengthen himself. We are now working with transitions in round low form, he shall be relaxed all the time and wait for me. This weeks clinic went also very well. He still gets a bit tensed in the transitions but we are working on them. We also started to introduce the movement "going backwords". At the beginning we got the spanish walk but after just a little while he got it. He is easy to learn my darling Dinio. This clinic we also did some super half passes where he was correct in the bending and the forward was leading all the way. When he relaxes the half halts goes through and we can do the movements together. Not until then Dinio and I could become a unit. But when we do so it is just wonderful. What a super horse I have!!

Hopefully our first competition will be in August the 9th and 10th. At present I have a reserv place in both classes, but we will probably enter the competition.

Adding a picture from the end of March this year.


Av Tina Karlsson - 15 juni 2012 08:12

Yes, I must say that we now are in a good period. The weather are getting better and better, almost sunshine every day with increased temperature. Dinio just loves it! Since the previous session for Gunilla (June 5th) I have varied the work a lot. Still focusing on relaxation, bending, straightness and tracking. Dinio is doing very well. I am giving Dinio a good massage every day and I am also stretching him after every session. Those efforts has immediately resulted in a more relaxed Dinio during our work and the mouth has also calmed down. As I suspected he have had some muscle ake.

The last session for Gunilla (June 13) was the best ever. Dinio was just wonderful. We trained on shoulder inn, half passes, volts with tracking and correct bending and passing corners. We are now in a preparing phase for competitions and the work must, from now on, focus on lines and movements and to ride from point to point. Hopefully we will be well prepared for our first competition in the beginning of August.

After every session Dinio gets his shower and stretching and then his reward, 15 minutes of grazing grass. Yummie!!

Adding a photo from last year - when Dinio, together with my darling mother - feasted on GRASS!!


Av Tina Karlsson - 6 juni 2012 10:14

Since last week the summer went on hold. We have had about 6-10 degrees C, a lot of rain, nearly every day and a strong wind. Brrrrr. Dinio got his thick rug on again and hasn't been too happy. But it is slowly turning to summer temperatures again. Yesterday we had about 15-17 degrees C, a little sunshine but unfortunately a bit rain in the evening.

Nevertheless, the work must continue. I have given Dinio some easy work for a couple of days and also a stroll around Täljö, which is always very appreciated by Dinio. He just loves it!

Yesterday it was time for our third session for Gunilla. This session was spent on tracking, streightness and bending. We worked with "entering the centerline with halt at X", 10 meter volts in canter, up and down transitions. Dinio felt Ok in the beginning, not really with me, but not to bad. At the end he was super and today was really the first time I felt that he worked equally from behind straight forward and in to my hand. Fantastic feeling!!!

Adding a picture from the stable - Dinio - you are the best!!


Av Tina Karlsson - 27 maj 2012 10:14

A week ago - the summer finally arrived. Dinio enjoys the sun and the warm weather. I can finally relax a bit because now he drinks water properly. I am still giving him slobber mash with a lot of water and a lot of water in his concentrated feeding. I have also started to give him "Vitamate Cool Performer", a rice based concentrated feeding. Good for colic horses and he just loves it. Rather expensive but worth a try.

This Wednesday I took Dinio to the vet clinic. Wanted to examine his mouth once again, due to his mouth problem when riding. The vet (dentist) found some problems and corrected them. She said that Dinio had fine teeth but one of them was higher than the others. He had two sores in his gum, not good. This tooth is his problem area and I have to come back within 4-6 months, depending on how he feels when riding. She also checked the bridle and it was just perfect for Dinio. I should give him a 3 day resting and then start to ride him as usual again. Dinio also got a flour treatment.

On Thursday I dewormed Dinio and during Thursday and Friday he stayed in his outdoor paddock from 07.00 too 16.00 He just loved it. Yesterday I gave him an easy session and he felt a bit tensed and over excited. He got a bit worried when I brought him in earlier (than 16.00) and he called for the other horses. But as soon as I was riding him he calmed down.

Today we are going to do some serious work.

Adding some photos from this week from the outdoor paddock. The muscles are coming more and more and he has also gained more in weight.    

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 maj 2012 10:36

On Monday evening Dinio and I took a calm stroll around Täljö. He enjoyed every minute of it. After our ride I gave him a good massage and stretched him. He really enjoyed that.

Tuesday evening it was time for our first dressage session for trainer Gunilla Ruus. Dinio felt just lovely, soft and obedient and calm in his mouth. This session everything worked and he was with me all of the time. I told Gunilla what we have trained on during our weekend clinic and what Tiago recommended me to work on - and Gunilla agreed. So we did a follow up and worked on bending and strightness. And Dinio was just super. Soooo happy! I am now going to train for Gunilla once every week. So looking forward to that!

My sister also took a lesson with here horse Chilikungen. He did very well as well and she will also train for Gunilla from now on. My sister was very pleased with her lesson and the instructions Gunilla gave here.

I will soon post a video from the weekend clinic with Tiago!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 maj 2012 08:37

Since last Tuesday, when Dinio was just super, the performance have varied a lot. Not to bad of course but it would be nice to keep the feeling for several days. But it depends, of course, on many things, disturbances around the outdoor arena when riding, how I am feeling for the day and so on. Yesterday Dinio was very tensed but even so he did a splendid collected work. Have to be happy for that. Otherwise the weekend was wonderful, regarding to the weather. Sunshine every day, 15 degrees C. Dinio moves around a lot now in his outdoor paddock. He has missed the sun and enjoys every minute of it. Saturday was spent on a cleaning day at the stable. Everybody joined and we did some tidying up around and inside the stable but also the surroundings in general. Dinio lost a shoe when playing around but my ferrier will arrive on Monday to put it on again.

Next weekend we will attend a two-day dressage clinic in Enköping. Later on in May I have sceduled a clinic visit to examine Dinio's teeth with exray and to check his couthing in the beginning of every session.

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 maj 2012 18:35

Today I had a super feeling on Dinio. He was just fantastic. A day to remember and I hope this feeling will stay for a while. We are soon ready for competitions. We have got our competition licenses so nothing will stop us now. I just have to choose very carefully among the competitions and classes. I have to qualify to mid level B which means that Dinio and I have to compete in mid level C twice and the results not lower than 62%. If we are lucky and our small issues left are solved we can hopeully qualify to mid level A as well this year. For that we have to compete twice in mid level B and the results not lower than 62%. We are certainly going to try.

The weather are now warm and sunny here in Sweden. The grass are growing and the trees are turning green. Lovely! This has affected Dinio as well, he is happier than ever, enjoyes the sun and are drinking water better and better.Thank God for that! I have increased his concentrated feeding with 0.5 kg and decreased his straw by 1kg. I have also exchanged his afternoon hay with 3,5 kg horse hage. He just loves it!

April 16 my ferrier attended Dinios hoofs. They are improving month by month but there are still a bit more before my ferrier is happy. Adding a picture of his front hoofs now.

April 27 a saddle check with Maria Hallring. The saddle fitted perfectly. She also gave Dinio a massage and she found that he had some problems with a few muscle groups. She gave me instructions and I have continued to massage him every day - which are giving a lot of pay off. He just feels wonderful now. 


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