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Av Tina Karlsson - 7 september 2011 20:38

First the video. I filmed it on the morning August the 13, the first day home after Ultuna. I named it "A happy Dinio" because that really shows. He is so happy to be home and to be able to spend time in the paddock again. Enjoy!

And finally we are "back in business" again. The gastric medicine "GastroGard" has helped him a lot, he is really well in his stomach now and he seems to be very healthy. Unfortunately he got an oedemea under his belly (due to the deworming). During the first week it developed to 70 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm. Due to that I could only work him on the long rain. But now - after 3 weeks - it has decreased in size a lot. Our first ride together was last Monday. We are walking in the forrest and around the Täljö area and our first easy dressage session last night went very well. So now I hope Dinio and I will have a pleasant autumn with a lot of training and no sicknessess.

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 augusti 2011 09:29

Week 33

On Sunday the 14th og August I dewormed him as instructed by the vet. This resulted in a small swelling under his belly, which I discovered on Monday evening, tiredness and a minor colic attack. During the week the swelling turned a bit better and but on Saturday it had developed to the size 70 x 40 cm. No fever.

Week 34

Still no fever and the vet arrived on Tuesday for examination of the swelling and some new blood tests. The swelling was probably a reaction to the deworming and should disappear in a few weeks. So for now I shall exercise him on the long rein. She also instructed me to start the treatment of the gastric ulcers. On Thursday the result of the blood test showed normal values which made me very happy. Even the creatinin values where normal. On Friday I started to give him GastroGard.  I really hope now that this will do the trick!

Av Tina Karlsson - 13 augusti 2011 09:28

On August the 9th we had a sceduled appointment with the University Hospital for animals at Ultuna in Uppsala. We arrived and the vet Gaby van Galen interviewed us for about 1 hour. I have typed down everything regarding Dinios several colics, the training, his feeding and daily activities over all. The vet decided that she had to do several examinations such as: testing the blood, testing of menure, ultrasound of stomach and kidneys, gastroscopy of the belley and that he had to stay for a few days. On August the 10th the vet called me and reported about the findings. Unfortunately the blood test showed that the kreatinine levels where high, about 200 and normal value is 140. This indicates that the kidneys are damage. How ever all other values in the blood test where normal. The ultrasound hadn't showed anything abnormal, everything looked good.

August the 11th, new call from the vet, reporting on findings of minor gastric ulcers, a new blood test showed still increased value of kretinine. Now they would continue to exam the urine and wait for the result of the menure test.

August the 12th, the vet informed me that the urin test showed normal values and in the menure test they had found a small amount of strongylus eggs. The have also counted how much water he drinks and the messure showed 48 liters in 1,5 day, which considered normal. So today I could take him home.

Probably his colic problems is a combination of several small problems, parasites, dental problem (they corrected his teeth during his stay), gustric ulsers and stress.

She wanted me to continue the same diet, give him normal exercise, deworm him, control the blood in one month and if the colic appears again - immediately return to the University Hospital.

So my sister and I drove up to Uppsala to fetch him. He was a bit surprised to see us but happy of course. We had some trouble to load him on to the trailer, but after about 30 minutes he entered. When we came home and off loaded him, he greated the other horses loudly, danced when he entered the stable and was really happy to be home again.

Today I drove up to the stable early morning. Dinio was just fine. Due to his stay at Ultuna for about 4 days, I thought it was better that I leaded him to his paddock. And it was really wise, because he was so happy indeed, danced all the way from the stable to the paddock and exploded in pure happines when I let him go.

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 augusti 2011 15:29

Since the stable owner Tina was away for a short vacation I served the horses the morningmeal and the afternoon meal. Sadly Dinio got his 6th colic attack the 4th of August, just 9 days after his 5th one. Had to take out the emergency vet though the attack was long living and severe. After 2,5 hour the vet showed up but the attack was by then over. Anyaway - she did an exam and treated him. The night towards Friday I didn't got much sleep, went to the stable several times. But Dinio was fine.

Friday morning I sceduled a major exam at Ulltuna, the University hospital for animals, got the appointment to Tuesday at 10.00 hours.

Rode Dinio twice during Friday, he was not himself this day, very off and looked sad in his eyes. Saturday he felt just a little bit more "here" but not quite himself. I aslo discovered a swelling where the vet had put in the neadle. Poor Dinio.

Sunday - Dinio really himself today. Happy, joyful, hungry. Also the poop looked very good and plenty of it. The swelling was much bigger today so I called the emergency vet and she explained that it was a blood vessel that has got inflammated and I have to treat it (with Finadyne). Called Ulltuna to check if it was OK to treat - yes it was!!. A little bit nervous I served him this medicine in his afternoon meal. Then we took a long walk in the nature. Dinio was happy!

Today he is just fine - happy, joyful and hungry. The swelling looked better today and tonight I will give him an easy session. Tomorrow we will drive to Ulltuna - keep your fingers crossed.

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 augusti 2011 15:24

Yes, today it was time for Dinio's hoofs to be attended. Our ferrier arrived and started to work. Our main problem is the front hoofs but I must say that my ferrier has done an excellent job with them. You, who saw Dinio in Spain, can certainly agree with me that his hoofs now are developing in the correct way. Adding a picture of the result from today and a picture of my ferrier chatting with Dinio. Yes - both Dinio and I are so blessed of having him as our ferrier.


Av Tina Karlsson - 29 juli 2011 08:30

Our work is progressing and Dinio is doing better and better. Have started the preparation for flying changes and collected trot and canter. So far it works very well. Between our sessions we ride in the nature and some days we do both. Sadly Dinio got a minor gas cholic again on Tuesday evening. If this appear once again I have decided to do a major exam at a vet clinic. It is very frustrating to not know why. Yesterday evening we got a visit by Katarina Liljeblad, the owner of Carnioso, a P.R.E gelding and a friend from our stay at Stångberga Gård. We drank coffee and chatted a lot. Katarina thought that Dinio had developed a lot in his body since sha last saw him. Nice to hear and yes - he is really looking good now. A lot of muscles all over his body.

For the rest of the week we are going to ride a lot in the forrest, do some climbing and a bit of dressage, of course.

Av Tina Karlsson - 18 juli 2011 07:15

Yes, this is my last week of the vacation. Shall try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Yesterday Dinio and I had a resting day. Dinio spent 8 hours in his lovely paddock and I gave him a good brush and a massage. He enjoyed it very much. He also got a lot of carrots - YAMMIE!! Today we are going to take a long slow walk in the forrest and for the rest of the week I will shift his work between the outdoor arena and the forrest. Later on Maria will also come and check the new saddle. Adding a picture from training at homein June this year.


Av Tina Karlsson - 3 juli 2011 16:39

Sunday today - the weather is gray, but now rain and about 20 degrees, a little wind is blowing. Felt really tired today so I decided that Dinio should get a resting day as well. I also have one knee that is aking. Therefor he stayed in his paddock for one hour more and I fetched him around 14.00 hrs. He was a little bit disturbed over this but went soon into a happy mode when he saw all the lovely hay and Fibergi - awaiting for him in his box. While he was feeding my mother and I cleaned his paddock. We filled the wheelbarrow 3 times before we where finished. But it feels very good to have this done.

Then Dinio got a thorough brush and we went on a walk where Dinio could graze grass. You should really see him - his eyes gets a very happy intensed look and he grazes and grazes and grazes. Poor Dinio - I think he has really missed this for a very long time. After about 30 minutes of grazing I decided that this is enough and we returned to the stable. But Dinio protested of course - he wanted to continue. After some discussions he finally decided to follow me. It was now time for his afternoon meal so Dinio found it worthwhile anaway. Tomorrow and every morning next week I'm the one to feed the horses in the morning. The stable owner has left for Falsterbo. So I have to get up early every day next week - 6 o'clock is the feeding time of the horses.


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