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Av Tina Karlsson - 19 mars 2011 17:23

   Yes, that's what it is. How in the world could I have been so lucky? Every day with this horse is a blessing. After three months in Sweden and spending plenty of time together with him every day I now really can say that I am starting to know him. He is a smashing kind horse, there are now evil spirits lurking anywhere. He is bomb proof and always does his best. Since we moved to the new stable I have been riding a lot in the nature and you never know what you might meet. Dinio trusts me completely and always listens to me when something scary appears. Although he is a stallion I feel completely secure. He really enjoys our long walks and as soon our outdoor arena is ice free we will start our training again.

Now the spring is here, finally, and Dinio spends around 5 hours per day in his paddock. From today he also eats his luncheon there. "Nice with hay but I think I rather would like to eat it in the stable" - he said to me today. He really wants to have strictly routins and when you change something he tells you directly.

In the stable we have one mare and she is in season now, but Dinio doesn't bother at all.

Dinio is healthy - he feeds well, drinks well and shines like a pearl. The little winter coat he got after his arrival is now gone. He communicates more and more, not only with his voice but also with his eyes, ears, neck and lips.

Today we have had a sunny day with +5 degrees, tomorrow will be the same, perhaps a little warmer. If the weather continues like this our dressage training will start again within one week.

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 mars 2011 09:26

Friday 11th a resting day. Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th outdoor riding. The spring is here now with a lot of sunshine. Dinio is enjoying our trips around Täljö. Much to look at, of course, but he is behaveing perfectly. Monday 14th a resting day and Tuesday 15th outdoor riding again. A little climbing and necessary work on the walk. He is extending his strides more and more and the back is beginning to swing. Lovely Dinio. Wednesday 16th my chiropractor came to look at Dinio. She found some small things to treat, but in overall he was in good condition. He needs to build more muscles of course but they are coming more and more. Must continue to massage his left shoulder, give him work that helps him to come in touch with his stomach muscles and build more back muscles. Shall stretch his back every day after riding. I have had some problems with halp pass to the right and the problem was right front leg. Not the left hind leg as I thought. Well, good to know and now it's only for me to continue with the work to make him stronger.

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 mars 2011 18:30

Dinio has been feeding very poorly so on Wednesday I took a vacation day. He feeds better on the hay and I wanted to check on him during the hole day. I think it started to turn around at mid-day. During the afternoon I took him for a long ride around Täljö and after that I noticed that he started to feel really good. He was hungry and fed really good. Thank God!

Thursday morning an early call with the stable manager and Dinio had been drinking about 10 liters of water during the night, he had finished his evening meal and he was happy and very hungry in the morning. So he is defenitely feeling well now. Worked from home and drove up on my luncheon. He greeted me from his paddocl and I brought him in for his luncheon. He fed well. During the afternoon my darling mother joined me and we decided to take a long walk around Täljö with Dinio - and my mother as a rider. She and Dinio did great. I walked beside them and from time to time she trotted ahead a bit and then stopped and waited for me. We served him his afternoon meal and he was really hungry.

Tonight I am going to celebrate with a glass of wine. My darling Dinio - I am so proud of you and you are really the best. And Mom - you are the best you too.

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 mars 2011 19:10

Around 11.00 hrs I arrive to the stable. Dinio greated me loudly from his paddock. Told him that I had to clean out his box first. First of all I noticed that he had hage over from the morning, the second thing I noticed what that he hadn't poped much during the night. Very worried I fetched him from his paddock. He looked OK. I served him his luncheon and he didn't touch it. Had some hay over from Stångberga - served it and he ate. The stomach sounds were OK and he seamed to be OK. Made some lucern and betfor with warm water and served it. He ate. Picked up my phone and called a farmer whom I have been buing hay from during my years with my own stable. "Of course - just come and get the hay you want. I have plenty". So I drove up to Vallentuna and picked up two pieces of hay. Drove back and served him 2 kg. He ate!!. Then I drove home for some hours of work. Returned later on and took him out for a ride around Täljö. A 45 minutes walk and trot session - he loved every minute of it. I gave him his afternoon hay - and he ate. But he hadn't touched his water and only poped once since 13.00 hrs. Called the vet for some advice. We should stay in touch during the evening. At 17.45 he poped and he had aslo drunk about 5 liters of water. I will return to the stable around 20.00 hrs - take him out for a walk. I really hope this was something temporary and that he will eat and drink well tonight.

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 mars 2011 21:45

Started with a thourough brush and some stretching of the back and the hindlegs. He really enjoys the stretching now and chews a lot when I am treating him. This afternoon he hadn't finished his afternoon meal and I was of course a little concerned. Why haven't you finished your afternoon hay? Checked the sounds from his stomach, the were OK, no fever (37.9) and he looked very content and happy. Hmmmm, strange. Prepared him for our evening ride and he just felt lovely. Very soft and attentive, concentrated and alert. I wish every ride could be like this one. Finished with a long walk and returned to the stable. Smelled on his left over hay - nothing was wrong with it. Removed it and served him some new. Yummie - he said. I stayed for a while, just to check on him. But everything seamed to be OK so I left him around 21.00 hrs.

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 mars 2011 19:57

Thursday evening an easy session and Friday a resting day. Saturday another easy session. Dinio enjoys his 4 hour paddock time and especially now when it is +4 degrees celcius and a lot of sunshine. During Saturday and Sunday my darling mother practiced on bringing him in from the paddock. Since I only want him to spend about 4 hours there she has to help me with this. Dinio behaved perfectly. I am gooing to work from home three days per week so during those days I will bring him in myself. Today (Sunday) we also took some photos of darling Dinio. It is from the stable when he is feeding on his luncheon. Isn't he a beauty? He has really gained a lot of weight and he is starting to build muscles, his back is much better now and also his neck. I'm also adding a photo from the old stable from February this year.           

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 mars 2011 21:00

Dinio is behaveing very well. After a four hour stay in his paddock he was served luncheon in the stable. During the afternoon my darling mother cleaned out his box and gave him a thorough brush and spoiled him with an apple, an orange and some carrots. This evening I gave him an easy session at the outdoor arena for about 35 minutes. Tonight was the first time he really chewed and gained a lot of foam in his mouth. He also felt very soft to ride and the energy was just perfect. I think the outdoor training is more natural for him.

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 mars 2011 21:45

Yes, our start at the new stable couldn't be better. Dinio is feeding and drinking very well and really enjoys his new paddock. It is a bigger one with some pine trees, which provides some shealter from the wind and the rain. Around him he has other paddocks with plenty of horses. So for now he will spend about 4 hours per day there. Monday evening we entered the outdoor arena and I gave him an easy session. He enjoys to work in the open. For now it is of course a lot of snow but the snow provides a good foundation. In a few weeks the spring is here and the snow is gone. Tuesday evening - no riding - but a thourogh brush and a lot of cuddeling - of course.

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