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Av Tina Karlsson - 10 februari 2011 21:15

This evening we attended our first clinic. The topic was working in a long low form. A necessary lession though Dinio need to strengthen i back muscles. We began in walk and trot and after a while the trainer took over and worked him by hand from the ground. After a while Dinio started to let go and began to work in a proper way. Then I mounted and continued the work and he felt just lovely. Darling Dinio - you are the best!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 9 februari 2011 21:00

Dinio is developing very well indeed. He has gained more weight, his muscle mass is increasing and he feels stronger and stronger. During Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have worked on the walk pirouettes, the forward help, transistions, shoulder in and halfpasses. He is doing really well. After the last ferrier treatment I can now also work him in a long low form without him hitting the front shoes. Yesterday evening I started to work with the wrong canter which worked really well in the right canter. He isn't equaly strong in his sides so we will continue to work on that. I am still riding on long lines and working on that he shall work equaly from behind and out to my hand. Tomorrow night we will attend our first training for Ubbe. I am really looking forward to this.

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 februari 2011 17:36

4 degrees +, sunshine and a small breeze. What a perfect day for a ride in the nature. Ann and Burton joined us today and as usual we had a lovely ride. We rode for about 50 minutes and then I rode him for about 25 minutes more in the indoor arena. He really enjoys life now and has a lot of energy. I trotted him and gave him a canter work as well. He is really a great joy to ride. He has so much energy now so I shall try to decrease his Fibergi with 0,5 kg, starting from tomorrow and slowly increase the lucern instead.

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 februari 2011 20:01

Finally, Anita and Bim from Djursholms Ridingschool would come and visit us. They wanted of course to see him during a session so we had agreed on that they should arrive around 13.30 I arrive at 10.30 and started to clean out his box and then I fetched Dinio in his paddock. He did the passage during our walk from the paddock to the stable. He is so happy now and it pleases me to see that he is coming alive and starting to show feelings. Well inside I served him his luncheon and then I prepared all his feeding buckets, morning, evening and lunch. I also prepared his lucern which I will give him after our session. Then it was time for a coffee brake with my stable friends. Saturdays are lovely! About 12.30 I started to brush him and prepare him for our session. I also arranged his mane today. I wanted him to look good for Anita and Bim. I aslo washed off some new yellow spottes. At 13.15 we went to the indoor arena. I must say that Dinio had prefered to take a walk in the forrest today instead. He hesitated a lot before he agreed on entering the arena. Yes, I know Dinio, but tomorrow you will come to the forrest, I promise. I won't describe everything but he was completely lovely today, a lot of energy, power and abedience. It was also nice for me to show Anita and Bim how lovely he is to ride. And they loved him. They took some photos and will send them to me. We took a coffee and sat down and chatted for a while. It was so nice of them to come and visit me and Dinio and I was very happy to see them again.

Av Tina Karlsson - 4 februari 2011 20:45

Yes - lovely Dinio has started to gain more weight. My darling mother joined me today and she notices such things when she doesn't see him everyday, as I do.Very happy we went to the indoor arena and today we was completely alone. So I asked my mother if she wanted to ride for a while. Oh yes - she answered and mounted. I am very proud of her, 76 years old and still an excellent rider. She walked, trotted and cantered. Then I rode him for about 20 minutes, a little collection in trot, shoulder in and half passes in trot. Dinio was excellent in his trot today.

After our session we washed off the yellow spottes that appears after every night. Took some soap and the yellow spottes were history, at least for today. Dinio got his lucern with some oil and some carrots. Yammie!

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 februari 2011 22:00

Today Dinio was very alert. Noticed that directly when I came to the stable. After the daily brush we went to the indoor arena. At the beginning of our session today he felt a little off, but then again there where several horses in the arena and an ongoing session. It was difficult to ride on long lines. But soon there where fewer horses and I started to really ride him. Suddenly he "woke up" and laid in "a new gear". Wow I thought, where did this come from. EVERYTHING worked today. I have never felt this before with Dinio. Suddenly there where so much energy, power and still so much abedience towards me.  I'm just saying - WOW!! What a feeling!!

Today I also introduced lucern in his diet. Starting with 3 dl per day and I will increase it up to 0,5 kg per day. Hoping he will gain more weight with this complement.

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 februari 2011 22:00

Arrived 17.15 and immediately checked his hoofs and legs. A little little warm in his front hoofs but otherwise everything was OK. Decided to give him an easy session and went to the indoor arena. He felt alert and happy. Started to walk for about 15 minutes and then began to trot. I was very excited to found out wether he would hit his front shoes or not. He didn't!!! I could work him in a long low form and I felt that he had waited for this. He felt lovely. Worked with transitions, walk pirouttes and collected and extended walk. A little trouble with the walk pirouttes to the right but otherwise everything was excellent.

I also got the test results from the laboratory today. Dinio hasn't got any worms at all. No eggs found in the test. Tomorrow I have to buy more Fibergii and perhaps I will buy lucern as well.   

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 februari 2011 20:03

Today I took a day off from work so I could meet my ferrier, who should attend Dinio's hoofs today. Everything was alright with them. Dinio got new shoes on his back hoofs. I should continue with the tar on his frogs, but they were much better. We also found some old bleedings in his right front hoof, on the outside, so something must have happened to him. But I shouldn't worry. Before the ferrier arrived I gave Dinio a session at the indoor arena. He was lovely and today it went better to catch the right canter. I could even work him a lot in the walk, without missunderstandings. NICE!! I also managed to collect some fresh menure for the worm test. So tomorrow or on Wednesday I know if he has any worms.

Dinio - you are the best and you make me so proud!!

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