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Av Tina Karlsson - 31 januari 2011 18:51

Today my darling mother attended Dinio. Everything was perfect with him and a resting day is also good for him. Tomorrow I will send in a poop test to the laboratory to see if he has any worms. My ferrier will also attend his hoofs and if the weather is OK I will take him out to the forrest for a long walk. Therefor I have taken a day off from work tomorrow.

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 januari 2011 18:30

Finally - the weather was lovely today, no wind at all, so Ann and I rode together for about 45 minutes in the forrest. This was the first time for Dinio to leave the forrest road and to walk on small paths in the forrest. He loved it. Ann's horse and Dinio are quit equal in size and they walk with the same length of their steps and I think they really enjoy each others company. I am very proud of Dinio, he is really the horse of my dreams, so soft, nice and tender, very well behaved and so nice to ride. He is always trying his best. I left a very happy Dinio in his box.

Av Tina Karlsson - 29 januari 2011 21:00

Very disappointed today. The sun is shining, + 2 degrees and I didn't dare to ride him in the forrest, due to very heavy wind. I really hope it will be better tomorrow. We really need to get out. So we had to ride in the arena. At the beginning he felt lovely but today we had difficulties with catching the right canter. I really doesn't understand why it is like this, some days there are no problems at all, some days it's hard to catch the left canter and some other days we are having problems with catching the right canter. I have also noted that some days he doesn't want to lift up his left or right front leg, It is shifting from side to side. I have to check this, it must depend on something. On Tuesday, when my ferrier is attending his hoofs, I will ask him to check them thouroghly. If he doesn't find anything I'm going to consult a vet. After our ride I gave him a massage and also checked him thouroghly, I couldn't find anything wrong, no warmth or pulse anywhere.

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 januari 2011 20:45

Today I bought a new Probimin cure for Dinio. Hope this will do. He seemed to be very healthy today, happy and alert. My darling mother joined me and we shared all our must's and then went to the indoor arena. Today we were completely alone so I started to warm him up. Hel felt lovely. Then I asked my mother if she wanted to try and ride him. Oh yes - she said. She mounted and started to ride. It went very well indeed. She managed him excellently and even cantered. She said that he was the most wonderful horse she had ever been riding. Then I rode him a bit more and at the end I tried to collect the canter. It worked perfectly and he also wanted to do a canter piroutte, but no no, it is to early. He need to gain some more strenght. My darling Dinio - you are the best!

Tomorrow we will take a ride in the nature and perhaps also on Sunday. It depends on the weather, but it is going to be 0 degrees so it looks promising.

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 januari 2011 08:21

Late on Wednesday evening my ferrier arrived to put on the shoe he lost 2 days ago. I arrived at 4 o'clock so I had already brushed him and cleaned out his box. His hoofs are looking really good and my ferrier will come again on Tuesday next week for the regular "shoing". Due to the late arrival of my ferrier Dinio got an extra free resting day.

Thursday evening: I arrived at 17.15 and started to clean out his box and gave him a good brush. Put on his leg protections and boots. Then, suddenly, he laid down. After a few minutes he standed up again and I understood that there was something wrong with his stomach. But there where nice noices from the stomach so I decided to fetch the saddle and to give him a ride at the indoor arena. When I returned with the saddle he had laid down again. He stood up after one minute and pooped. Hmmm. Took him to the indoor arena and there he tried to lay down again. Took of the saddle and put on a rug and started to walk. After about 15 minutes he started to act normally again so I saddled him up and started to trot. After a few minutes he started to let a lot of gases go. I kept on riding for about 50 minutes and he felt normal and alert. We returned to the stable and he started to feed on his evening hay. I removed half of it and observed him for about 2 hours. He was OK. I gave him the rest of his hay but he didn't get any Fibergi this evening. A few of my stable friends was going to stay a few hours longer than me so they promised to check on him and call me if anything was suspicious.

Decreased his morning Fibergi to a few deciliters. He looked happy and content when I left him. My darling Dinio - you must stay healthy! Decided that I will send in his poop for testing for worms and to buy Probimin tomorrow.

Av Tina Karlsson - 25 januari 2011 20:18

   Mondays are tough days. Very tired I arrived to the stable in the evening. Cuddled with Dinio, brushed him and went to the indoor arena. This evening I think that Dinio was tired too. The trot work was OK but cathing the canter was almost impossible. He missunderstod me and got tensed. Anyway, we succeeded at last. So I ended our session with a long walk. He lost a front shoe as well so tomorrow I have to get in touch with my ferrier. I wonder how it will go tomorrow when we shall ride for a trainer for the first time? On my way home I decided not to worry about this, both Dinio and I had a bad day and this is how some days are.

Tuesday evening (today) I arrived and got the message that the trainer was sick so the sessions where canceled. My darling father had bought carrots so I gave a lot of them to Dinio. He really loves carrots. Sliced a few of them and added them to his evening and morning meals. Then I cleaned out his box and gave him a good brush, examined him very carefully and gave him a bit massage. One of my stable friends stopped and said "Now he is really starting to look good". "He has started to gain weight and his back looks much better now". That was really lovely to hear because I am a little worried about his weight and have expected that he should gain weight much quicker. Due to our bad session yesterday I decided that Dinio should rest this evening. It is very tiering to work in the arena every night during Monday to Friday. But soon it will get better when the daylight will increase and we will be able to ride out more, even on evenings. Then I can really start to make a good plan for him. I have to get him in a really good shape because in March we are going to start to train for Kristian von Krusenstierna.

Av Tina Karlsson - 23 januari 2011 18:37

Friday became a resting day for Dinio. Both my mother and I went together to the stable and Dinio got a good massage and a lot of attention. Carrots of course and a lot of cuddeling. On Saturday I started with bying more Fibergi Base. I talked to the feeding specialist about my problems to increase the weight on him and their recommendation was to increase the Fibergi. So from today I increased it with 0.5 kg = 2 kg per day. He should stay on this for about 14 days and then I should increase it with 0.5 kg until I reached the recommended amount of 3 kg per day.

After he had fed his luncheon we went to the indoor arena. He felt lovely. Alert and very forward. Everything worked perfectly. Today he immediately started to canter when I asked him to, but unfortunately he started to loose a front shoe, so I had to stop. We went back to the stable and I managed to attached the shoe. Have to call my ferrier on Monday.

On Sunday, before I went to the stable, I decided to buy new boots. Did so and went to the stable. Dinio greated me loudly when I arrived. "The sun is shining and it's wonderful outside today" I thougt he said. He didn't look sad when I went to the stable and left him in his paddock. Wanted to clean out his box first.

Fetched him and he got his luncheon. Sat down and drank coffee with my friends in the stable, we chatted for about one our. It was really lovely weather outside today and I was very sorry that I couldn't ride him in the forrest today. Not so good when a shoe is loose. So with the new boots on (fitted perfectly) I went to the indoor arena. Today there wore 4 other horses there and he still feels a little puzzled. But soon there where fewer horses and we started our session. Our goal for today was to catch the canter directly when I asked him to. Both from the trot and the walk. After our warm up I started with the canter work. Didn't work so well today. So I decided that today it is going to work. Sat off and took of the riding rug. Mounted and told him to listen to me and no discussions! AND IT WORKED!! With small aids he started to canter directly when I asked him to. Then I suddenly understood - he is TESTING ME! Dinio - you are a little fox, but I love you anyway. Well I must say that it is nice to know that he dares to test me, I mean it is very healthy and it takes time to know each other, he need to learn about me and I have to learn about him. Very happy I went back to the stable, checked the loose shoe and of course, a lot of cuddeling.

Tomorrow morning I have to call my ferrier and on Tuesday Dinio and I will take our first lesson for a trainer.

Av Tina Karlsson - 20 januari 2011 20:30

Tuesday was a bad day for me. I have cought a cold so my darling mother attended Dinio. Everything was OK with him and she spoiled him with carrots and apples. On Wednesday I felt better and Dinio felt very alert and happy. He worked very well and everything we did this night turned out perfectly. Half passes in trot and canter, shoulder in, walk pirouttes and even cathing the canter from the walk.

The session on Thursday night didn't turn out so well. Everything worked except catching the canter. Tonight it was the right canter we had a problem with. Very strange indeed. But I am not worried at all. There is one thing that worries me - he has stopped gaining weight. He is still getting 11 kg of hay per day and 1,5 kg Fibergi Base. I want him to gain more weight so I have to enlarge his food with something. Tomorrow I will buy some more Fibergi Base and I will discuss this matter with the specialist at the store.

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