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Av Tina Karlsson - 6 december 2011 09:12

Today we have got this winters first snow. Just a little amount of it but nevertheless, the winter has finally arrived. Today Dinio is waring his thick winter rug with neck and I hope it won't be to warm for him. Dinio is happy and playful. The stomach is stable and it feels very nice to leave this issue behind us. Darling Dinio has become a bit too playful, especially when leaving his outdoor paddock. Full of energy and eager to enter the stable and the food that awaits him, he "dances away" and has also started to snap a bit. Just very playful, nothing mean about it but not accepatable. So a few days ago I started to "show my tougher side" towards him with good response. I think he is getting a bit bored after a few hours in the paddock, so I will try to decrease his time spent there. He has also increased in condition, gained in weight and muscles so he demands more now. Have decreased his concentrated feeding to a minimum.

The training has now started to slow down and our walks in the nature are increasing instead. Have planned to give him a few weeks of holiday in January, since he hasn't got any "free" time at all since his arrival from Spain last year. Hope he will cope with that.

Av Tina Karlsson - 26 november 2011 19:09

At last. I think I finally can relax. Since we started to add warm water to his water bucket in his outdoor paddock, the problems have disappeared. Dinio doesn't drink enough if the water is cooler than 30 degrees. Now I am thinking of bying a ThermoBar, but within one month Dinio will only spend about 4 hours per day in his outdoor paddock, so I will see if this investment is necessary. They are quit expensive, about 3.000 SEK.

Anyway - Dinio is very happy indeed, loves his food, which he enjoys very much, especially Lucern. I am giving him about 1,5 kg per day among with 1,5 kg Hippolyt's Structur-E, 1 kg of Mash and 10-12 kg of hay. Feels good to be able to give him the amount he needs in order to put on some more muscles on his body. It has already started to show. Adding som photos from today.

The training are continueing and Dinio is doing very well. I am so pleased and we are finding each other more and more.

The best thing Dinio knows is to take long walks around Täljö or into the forrest. Now when it's dark around 15.30 in the afternoon, we does this during the weekends, when I can ride in day light.

We are still having warm weather, which shows on the electric bill. Well, I am now friend of winter but I really hope for a white Christmas anyway.

Enjoy the todays photos!!


Av Tina Karlsson - 6 november 2011 19:03

During this week Dinio had 2 minor gas cholic attacks. I am of course very concerned about this and have tried everything. I am now quit sure that he is feeding on something in his outdoor paddock. Have therefor decided to minimize his time spent there. I have also bought last years hay, which was a good hay year in Sweden. Smells fantastic, green and no dust. Cross my fingers.... Otherwise he is doing very well. We have had some fantastic moments this week and today my darling mother joined us and took some photos from the todays session. He felt wonderful today and I think it is shown in the photos. We are still having warm weather, about 10-12 degrees during day time and about 3-5 degrees during the nights. I am no friend om winter so I hope this warm weather will stay for a while. Dinio has got his winter shoes on - so he is prepared. Next week I will try to put on the winter tires, both on my car and on the trialer. You never know when the snow arrives. Please enjoy the todays photos!!


Av Tina Karlsson - 30 oktober 2011 19:18

Sadly Dinio got a minor gas cholic again, last thursday evening. It appeared after our session and was soon over. Left the stable around 23.00 hrs. I have noticed earlier that my smart horse has learned how to eat fast from a hay net with small squares (4 by 4 cm). When I started to feed him with this for about 3 weeks ago, it really slowed down his way of feeding. So now I have to think of another way to slow his feeding down a bit. I have also noticed that while he is feeding outdoor he feeds slowly. probably because there is so much to look at and to observe. After a lot of thinking I am now trying this:

Increased the morning hay from 2,5 kg to 3 kg. (feeding outdoor at 06.30)

Increased the luncheon hay from 2 kg to 3 kg. (feeding outdoor at 11.00)

At 14.00 hrs feeding 1 kg outdoor. After finishing this serving mash indoor.

At 16.00 hrs feeding 1 kg indoor, spread along the floor. Tested this during the weekend and this is slowing him down.

At 18.00 hrs - his dayly exercise.

At 19.30 hrs - 1 kg of hay spread along the floor

At 21.30 hrs - 3.5 kg of hay in a slow feeding hay net.

So now I really hope this will do!

Otherwise Friday was a resting day. His was a bit warm in his left front leg and hoof. Saturday he was equaly warm so I decided to give him an easy session and a slow walk around Täljö, which he appreaciated very much. During our session he was just fantastic. Today he was once again more warm in his left front leg, but not much. Once again he was just fantatstic, alert and soft. If the warmth remains I have to check it with a vet.

I really hope this is the last time I am writing about Dinio getting a gas cholic!

Adding a photo from lovely Mid summers day - my darling mother and Dinio - walking together and tasting grass!


Av Tina Karlsson - 27 oktober 2011 10:33

Last weekend we enjoyed the forrest, Dinio and I. Quit warm weather for October, about 15 degrees C. Starting to hope for a warm winter. No snow so far and last year it started to snow in the beginning of October. His stomach is working very good and he is becoming more and more energetic. Monday evening session was terrible, Dinio was very strong and full of energy, but then of course, after two day's in the forrest with slow walks, that is quit understandable.

On Wednesday my ferrier arrived and Dinio got wintershoes with snowgrips. So now we are prepared if the snow comes. Yesterday evening session was really OK - still a strong boy with a lot of energy but after a while he relaxed and performed very well. We worked a lot on catching the canter from the walk, which is still a bit of a problem. But he is improving.

Av Tina Karlsson - 19 oktober 2011 19:51

Have to write this down immediately. Have just arrived at home. I am so happy. The tonight session is a session I will live on for a long time. When I arrived to the stable Dinio greated me loudly, looked very happy and alert. I prepared him for our ride and he continously tried to get my attention - he wanted to cuddle and searched for treats. We entered our outdoor arena and it rained a little. There were a lot of water but Dinio didn't bother at all. Right away I felt that he was "home", waited for me and just wanted to do a good nights work. And we started. And how well it went. The transitions just worked perfectly, also the bending, straitghtness and even the transitions to the canter, both from the walk and the trot. He really did perfect canter transistions. And during the hole time, he was soft and light in the hand and waited for me. Yes, this is the best session at home ever! Dinio - You are the best!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 oktober 2011 16:30

Well, hello again! I havn't been writing for a while, so here comes a summary of the resent weeks.

I am still treating Dinio for his stomach problems and he is getting better and better. Feels very fine in the work and we are making progress. The autumn is upon us with dark evenings and chilly nights, but no snow so far. Dinio is wearing thick rugs and spends about 7 hours per day in his padock. During the week I work him on our outdoor arena and during the weekends we ride in the nature. Dinio enjoys every minute there.

Last thursday (October 13) we went to Ågesta for our fifth session. Dinio did very well indeed. I am so proud of him. My darling mother joined me and she also took the opportunity to take a video of our session. He is now more straight and the bendings are now starting to work very well. See video on:

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 september 2011 20:38

First the video. I filmed it on the morning August the 13, the first day home after Ultuna. I named it "A happy Dinio" because that really shows. He is so happy to be home and to be able to spend time in the paddock again. Enjoy!

And finally we are "back in business" again. The gastric medicine "GastroGard" has helped him a lot, he is really well in his stomach now and he seems to be very healthy. Unfortunately he got an oedemea under his belly (due to the deworming). During the first week it developed to 70 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm. Due to that I could only work him on the long rain. But now - after 3 weeks - it has decreased in size a lot. Our first ride together was last Monday. We are walking in the forrest and around the Täljö area and our first easy dressage session last night went very well. So now I hope Dinio and I will have a pleasant autumn with a lot of training and no sicknessess.

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