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Av Tina Karlsson - 18 maj 2011 20:15

Today it was time for our sceduled saddle test. Maria joined us and she started with a muscle exam. "He has developed a lot in is back muscles" she said. She was very pleased with his development. And then it was time for the saddle test. I started to ride in the saddle I have on loan. After a while Maria stopped me and asked me to try another saddle. Rode in this one and we decided to order that model. My new saddle will arrive in 6 weeks from now and we decided to have a new "session" in about four weeks from now. Until then - I will continue to ride him in the saddle I have on loan. He worked very well today and recieved a nice shower. On Friday the vet will arrive to check on his coughing. Unfortunately Dinio has also reacted very strongly on the Swedish mosquitos so they have to look at that as well. Today I also bought a special hole body rug that will prevent the mosquitos to bite him. Poor darling Dinio. I will take a picture of him when he is wareing this outfit. But it is really making his life easier.

Av Tina Karlsson - 12 maj 2011 14:28

There are thunder on its way so today I brought Dinio in during my luncheon. But first I tooki the opportunity to take som photos with my phone and a short video clip as well. Dinio has also got his specially made sign which will soon be placed outside his box in the stable. Just enjoy a happy Dinio in his beloved paddock.



Av Tina Karlsson - 9 maj 2011 18:45

Today it was time for the scheduled ferrier day. This time Dinio would get special shoes on his front hoofs which will relieve the pressure of the rear part. My darling mother joined the ferrier at 14.00 and I arrived to the stable about 15.30 Very interesting to hear how his hoofs have developed and if there is something I have to consider in the training. I could ride as usual and should continue to put ointment on his hoofs and tar in his back hoofs. He now have heart bar shoes in front and they will help the hoofs to grow in a correct way. We scheduled a new ferrier day to the 16th of June. We will now do his hoofs every 5th week cause the are growing so quickly. I am so happy to have a very skilled ferrier, one of the best in Sweden, as I see it.

Later this week we will have a third saddle test and in the beginning of next week I will contact Kristiian again and schedule our second training, which probably will be at the end of May.

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 maj 2011 22:00

Lovely weather today indeed. When I arrived to the stable Dinio greated me (as usual) and came towards me in a fantastic trot. Yes, he really enjoys his paddock. Brought him in and prepared him for our ride. The plan for today was a dressage session where catching the canter from the walk was on the top of the list. Also the transitions from the walk to the trot was on it. Today this will work! And I must say - things are developing and starting to fall in place. Today I was very firm towards him and followed thorugh with my intentions - and our problems where gone. Fantastic Dinio!! Suddenly the transitions worked and he made some really good ones too.

Happy - Happy!! Dinio got a lot of candy and after our ride a good shower and more candy - of course. I left a very content Dinio - feeding on his afternoon meal.

Tomorrow we will take a long slow ride in the forrest. Dinio really loves outdoor riding and the forrest in particulary.

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 maj 2011 06:59

I just have to write down the fantastic feeling I had yesterday night. It was the first time I could ride him and stay completely relaxed in my own body. He was fantastic - very attentive and reacted on very small aids. Worked in a long low form, seeking contact with my hand. Wonderful Dinio! After our session I awarded him with a short ride in the Täljö area - something he really loves - and after that a good brush, a bit stretching and a lot of candy.

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 april 2011 15:05

First of all  - THE SPRING IS HERE!! We have had lovely weather for over a week now. Still cold during the nights but around 20 degrees during day time. All the trea's and bushes are now shifting into green colours and the grass is growing. Dinio enjoyes every minute in his paddock - where he now spends around 7-8 hours every day. When I was at Kristian's last Thursday, Ewa Cederlöf, saddle tester, joined me a loaned me another saddle. I have now ridden in this for a few days and it fits Dinio better. Today I had a follow up with Maria Hallring, co-worker with Ewa, and we decided to test another classic model, which was a bit smaller. I shall now ride in this for about 10 days and then Maria will return for a second check up. At this point it is very difficult to decide which saddle really fits. It might end with that my own saddle fits him perfectly. He is developing so much in his back mucles now - Maria said. One major thing I have discovered when riding in those new saddles is - he walks better, the back is swinging and he rests a bit in every stride. He is also seeking contact with my hand better and is easyer to work in a long low form.

Av Tina Karlsson - 22 april 2011 18:18

Yes, both Dinio and I was tired today after yesterday's training and transportation. So today Dinio got the opportunity to stay for 8 hours in his lovely paddock. At 14.30 I brought him in and served him his beloved FiberGi and about 1 kg of hay. When he had finished feeding I gave him a thorough brush and exam and also a good long massage. Checked his hoofs and greesed them with tar and grees. Then I gave him a lot of carrots and told him the he is the best horse ever. Tomorrow we will take a nice ride in the forrest and since the weather is so nice now he will also stay in his paddock for some further hours than he is used to. Adding two pictures of Dinio taken yesterday, just before the clinic.


Av Tina Karlsson - 21 april 2011 17:41

Today we attended our first clinic for Kristian. We started a bit early but better to be in time than late. We arrived at 10.30 and our lesson should start at 12.00 So first he had to stay in the trailer for a while. Gave him hay and he looked quit content with that. Offered him some water and he drank a little. After about 15 minutes he started to worry so my darling mother and I decided to bring him out. He is so fantastic my darling Dinio. He is so well behaved. Walked with him a bit at the indoor arena and about 11.30 I saddled him up and started the warm up. At 12.15 my lesson started and I went to the outdoor arena. First Kristian just wanted to watch  - so I trotted and did some half passes along the long sides and on the diagonals  and everything worked nicely. A bit tensed but still OK. Then we started. We have som problems with the transitions between the walk and the trot - often results in the spanish walk. I had e-mailed Kristian about our problems earlier so he would be prepared. And I got help!! The goal now is to learn him to follow the inner rain and the outside leg aid. Learn him to go forward for a quick leg aid. Leave the inner leg aid and not so much aids from the seat. Dinio is a quick learner and did really well. In the walk, the trot and the canter. And it feels so nice to have something to hold on too in our daily training at home. Thank You Kristian!!

The trip home was hard due to heavy traffic, but we arrived at the stable around 15.15 Offloaded Dinio and he looked really taken but shined up when he saw that he was home again. Installed him in his box and served him hay and fresch water. YAMMIE! Then we arranged all our stuff and parked the trailer. Gave Dinio a good shower and some more hay. He was so hungry and so happy to be home. Tomorrow Dinio will have a day off and spend the hole day outside in his lovely paddock which he loves dearly. Oh - one thing more - it is quit warm now - today we had around 20 degrees. Lovely.

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