Alla inlägg den 3 juli 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 juli 2011 16:39

Sunday today - the weather is gray, but now rain and about 20 degrees, a little wind is blowing. Felt really tired today so I decided that Dinio should get a resting day as well. I also have one knee that is aking. Therefor he stayed in his paddock for one hour more and I fetched him around 14.00 hrs. He was a little bit disturbed over this but went soon into a happy mode when he saw all the lovely hay and Fibergi - awaiting for him in his box. While he was feeding my mother and I cleaned his paddock. We filled the wheelbarrow 3 times before we where finished. But it feels very good to have this done.

Then Dinio got a thorough brush and we went on a walk where Dinio could graze grass. You should really see him - his eyes gets a very happy intensed look and he grazes and grazes and grazes. Poor Dinio - I think he has really missed this for a very long time. After about 30 minutes of grazing I decided that this is enough and we returned to the stable. But Dinio protested of course - he wanted to continue. After some discussions he finally decided to follow me. It was now time for his afternoon meal so Dinio found it worthwhile anaway. Tomorrow and every morning next week I'm the one to feed the horses in the morning. The stable owner has left for Falsterbo. So I have to get up early every day next week - 6 o'clock is the feeding time of the horses.


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