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Av Tina Karlsson - 7 september 2011 20:38

First the video. I filmed it on the morning August the 13, the first day home after Ultuna. I named it "A happy Dinio" because that really shows. He is so happy to be home and to be able to spend time in the paddock again. Enjoy!

And finally we are "back in business" again. The gastric medicine "GastroGard" has helped him a lot, he is really well in his stomach now and he seems to be very healthy. Unfortunately he got an oedemea under his belly (due to the deworming). During the first week it developed to 70 cm X 40 cm X 3 cm. Due to that I could only work him on the long rain. But now - after 3 weeks - it has decreased in size a lot. Our first ride together was last Monday. We are walking in the forrest and around the Täljö area and our first easy dressage session last night went very well. So now I hope Dinio and I will have a pleasant autumn with a lot of training and no sicknessess.

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