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Av Tina Karlsson - 25 mars 2012 18:24

This weekend the weather was lovely so my darling mother decided to pop in when Dinio and I had our session. Also my sister and her duaghter Jennifer came, cause they will move their horse "Chili Kungen" to our stable next weekend. There is so much to move when changing stables. Anyway, Dinio did great and I am soooo pleased with him.

Serpentines in wrong canter - no problem, flying change - no problem, half passes in trot and canter - no problem. Trot halt - no problem. Catching canter from the walk worked perfectly during our Saturday session, but not so well during our Sunday session. But it is getting better and better. I still have to work on the reverse and the canter. We also have some work left on transitions between extended trot and working trot. But we are going in the correct direction.

I have a new puzzle to solve - Dinio is now working on a straight bridle, but he is not so pleased with it. We have got orders from Dinios dentist to ride on this bridle for a while. So I have to find a solution to this.

After our session during Saturday, a happy Jennifer was aloud to ride Dinio in the walk for a little while. She takes lession on a riding school and just love horses. In fact she rides very well and want to ride on Dinio now and then. But she will have to wait until our riding arena has a fence on the open side of the arena, which will be in place during this spring. Adding some photos from our weekend session.


Av Tina Karlsson - 22 mars 2012 09:08

Since the middle of March the outdoor arena went free from ice so I could finally start the ordinary work with Dinio again. Both him and I had longed for this. At the beginning he had so much energy stored up so the work was concentrated on draining it. But from the beginning of this week we have had some wonderful sessions. Dinio is with me and I can really start to work with presence and feeling and small aids. Yes, we have had some wow sessions.

Yesterday evening I gave Dinio a resting day. I thought he needed that. But at 9 o'clock in the evening Tinna called me from the stable and Dinio didn't feel well. The symptoms showed that probably the hay was stuck in his throat and I drove up immediately to the stable while I was calling the emergency vet. When I arrived Dinio felt well again. I called the vet once again and she recommended me to feed him with a slow feeding hay-net and to water the hay. He had probably been eaten to fast. Wonder if this has to do with him having a resting day? Hmmmmm.

His colic attacks has, however, stopped. This since I started to serve him his concentrated feeding in a lot of water. When feeding now he gets about 16 liters of water in his concentrated feeding.

Otherwise everything is wonderful. The spring i here with warm weather, sunshine and Dinio is very happy indeed.

Av Tina Karlsson - 9 mars 2012 14:38

A while ago I started to try to found out more about the stallions and mares in Dinio's pedigree. Slowly my knowledge is growing. This is what I have found so far:

Jenson - By Agente out of Empalar (by Leopardo). Jenson is another prepotent Yeguada Militar bred stallion. He has been influencial in Spain producing the noted stallion Celesto and the infamous mare Salina as well as in the Americas with the stallion Ofendido VII who has produced numerous champion offspring throughout the United States and was himself  awarded 2001 AHSA Andalusian/Lusitano Sire of the Year.

Jenson is Dinio's mother's grand father.

Agente - by Maluso out of Maltesa II (by Estapeno). Agente was pivotal in the evolution of change in the Spanish horse particularly with regard to movement.. Agente produced offspring of a more 'elastic' type. The Spanish Military, aware of the stallion's qualities, bred (among others) Leviton, condisered to be one of the most influencial stallions of the century. Agente was the most famos son of Maluso and remains the prototype for the Military Stud breeding program where his portrait in tiles is presented on the left pillar at the entry to the Military Stud Farm.

Agente is Dinio's mother's great grand father and is also represented in Dinio's fathers line.

Below is his complete Pedigree. When I know more I will add it here. If there is anyone who know more, please notify me.


Av Tina Karlsson - 5 mars 2012 06:53

In the beginning of February I started our training excercises again. Our outdoor arena went rideable again due to the snow. Dinio started off very well and was very happy and eager to work again. He and I had several wow sessions and I am now confident in my believe that we will attend our first competition during this spring.

In February Dinio got his teeth overlooked again. This time by a specialized vet of teeth and unfortunately he found some problems in his mouth. I am now riding on a straight bridle and shall continue so for a while. He will come back in six months to check his teeth again.  

During our rides in the nature we are joined by Tindra and Lizzie. Dinio takes the lead and Tindra follows. He is a real gentleman, very proudly walking and showing her that he is not afraid of anything, making her completely calm and relaxed. Lizzie is of course very happy for this. Tindra is a 7 year old mare and not so experienced yet, but she is learning. 

March is, however, a different month, unfortunately our outdoor arena now has turned in to a ice track, so for now I have to ride in the nature again. Very sad for this but "what to do". Mother nature decides and you just have to adjust to it. Adding a picture from March 2011.  

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