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Av Tina Karlsson - 9 maj 2013 19:57

Today will be a day to remember - and I am so happy that my darling mother and sister joined me with the camera.

First of all - the weather was just fantastic today, sunshine, 22 degrees and no wind. When I brought Dinio in from his outdoor paddock he played with me a lot. Today is a good good day, Dinio told me. He was really happy. Gave him his mash and then started to prepare him for our ride. It has happened so much with him since we moved to Rocksta. His stomach is super and he has started to put on more weight and mucsles. He is really looking good.

When I mounted Dinio was eager to move forward - a good sign. We have to walk a bit to reach the outdoor arena - which is really just fine. I took the opportunity to walk him a bit further but then I turned back and we entered the arena. Dinio felt just super from the start. Willing to move forward, listened and felt very soft in his body. So nice!

Today we trained on volts, transitions, shoulder in and half passes along the diagonal in trot. We got a lot of credit from our trainer, and he was a bit surpriced that Dinio was doing so well during this clinic. Much better than he had expected. "You have done some really good work with him" - "Well done". That felt very nice to hear. We still have some problems with the transisitions between the walk and the canter - but we will come around them as well. In the extended canter he is just super, halfpasses in canter are also super. In the extended trot, however, Dinio are lacking some strenght still, but we will find that too. He can really lengthen his trot but he increases his tempo in the beginning. My home work until the next clinic is to work more on the transitions between the walk and the canter.

My  goal is, of course, that they shall not be any problem next time.

Adding som lovely pictures from today - thank you Mammy!


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