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Av Tina Karlsson - 7 december 2012 08:26

since my last entry. After the competition I have started to slowly bring him down in his condition, du to the coming winter. Without Indoor arena we have to adjust our sessions according to weather conditions. Two days after the competition Dinio got a severe gas cholic and I had to bring the emergency vet. This time the cause seemed to be that Dinio had eaten something in his paddock, cause he had diarrea several days efter the treatment. So I had to buy Colicure. After a few days with this treatment Dinio was well in his stomach. A tip from Helen in Spain was to reduce the amount of hay as well and exchange some of it with straw. Did so and it seemed to be the trick. But at the end of October he got another cholic again. Hm! Reduced his hay once again. During November two cholics which I could relate to the change in the weather. But in general the reduce of hay has resulted in feaces that have never looked better and his baloon stomach are shown more seldom. I have also reduced his time spent in his paddock, from 6 to 3 hours. He is very sensitive to change in the weather conditions and there for I also bought a complete new set of rugs. Now he is having the warmest and best rugs ever!!

This Monday the snow arrived. Completely snow chaos! I think it dropped about a half meter of snow in one day. This Tuesday the temperature dropped and I decided to let Dinio inside the stable during the hole day. Took him out for a ride during the evening. He was so alert and played with me. Yesterday the temperature was better, only -1 degrees and he stayed in his paddock for about 3 hours. And yesterday evening it was time again for a minor gas cholic. Probably he had been eaten snow, but I can't be sure of course.

I think that Dinio is an extremely sensitive horse and has still not adjusted to the life in Sweden, if he ever will do so. And that I have to live with this and to be on top of things around him all of the time. But he is worth it!! Adding a picture from yesterday evening when Dinio was coming out of his cholic condition.


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