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Av Tina Karlsson - 29 juli 2011 08:30

Our work is progressing and Dinio is doing better and better. Have started the preparation for flying changes and collected trot and canter. So far it works very well. Between our sessions we ride in the nature and some days we do both. Sadly Dinio got a minor gas cholic again on Tuesday evening. If this appear once again I have decided to do a major exam at a vet clinic. It is very frustrating to not know why. Yesterday evening we got a visit by Katarina Liljeblad, the owner of Carnioso, a P.R.E gelding and a friend from our stay at Stångberga Gård. We drank coffee and chatted a lot. Katarina thought that Dinio had developed a lot in his body since sha last saw him. Nice to hear and yes - he is really looking good now. A lot of muscles all over his body.

For the rest of the week we are going to ride a lot in the forrest, do some climbing and a bit of dressage, of course.

Av Tina Karlsson - 18 juli 2011 07:15

Yes, this is my last week of the vacation. Shall try to enjoy it as much as I can.

Yesterday Dinio and I had a resting day. Dinio spent 8 hours in his lovely paddock and I gave him a good brush and a massage. He enjoyed it very much. He also got a lot of carrots - YAMMIE!! Today we are going to take a long slow walk in the forrest and for the rest of the week I will shift his work between the outdoor arena and the forrest. Later on Maria will also come and check the new saddle. Adding a picture from training at homein June this year.


Av Tina Karlsson - 16 juli 2011 19:38

Yesterday my mother joined me. Dinio was - as always - very happy to see us. Very alert and joyful. We prepared him for the transport and everything was just fine. Off we went. When we arrived and offloaded him he was a very different Dinio. Seamed very tired and "somewhere else". A little bit worried I started the warm up. And he was really "not there". Explanation comes later on. Kristian also saw that he was off today but we managed to ride the hole lesson anyway. We worked on straighteness and transitions. My darling mother filmed a bit and afterwords when I looked at the video it was quit good anyway. Hmmm. It isn't alsways that what you feel during a ride that can be seened. It was also the first lesson in my new saddle and it gave me some large sores. It takes time for me to get used to new saddles. During our travel towards home I wondered about his apperance today. This was totally something new.

Sunday morning - sleept vary badly during the night. My sores didn't look good at all but have to ride today anyway. Today my darling sister joined me and today Dinio was quit himself again. But walking on the trailer two days in a row was not his "cup of tea". He looked so disappointed. But finally he went on and off we went. When we arrived we off loaded him and today he really was himself again. Wonderful!

Started the warm up and soon our lession started which today concentrated on transistions, straitgheness, shoulder in, half passes and walk pirouettes. No canter work due to my sores. Dinio did really well. I now got some good exercises with me to train on until next time. Today we also met Wiwi and I got a short glimps of her very nice P.R.E We decided to get in touch via Facebook.

Here comes the explanation - as I understand it!! We have a mare in season at the stable. And Dinio is so in love! Thursday and Friday was her prime season days and I am sure of that this has effected him. Pooooor Dinio!

Av Tina Karlsson - 11 juli 2011 22:03

Today the special box I ordered for a few weeks ago, arrived and I went to the shop and bought it. During this evening I have studied all the material, installed the program on my mothers computer and then started to upload. This time I took the video from April this year. The video shows small cuts from the clinic for Frida on Stava Gård in Åkersberga. Very pleased I could also see that this time the video is uploaded in the correct format. After 3,5 months in Sweden I think Dinio is doing fantastic.

What a horse!

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 juli 2011 16:39

Sunday today - the weather is gray, but now rain and about 20 degrees, a little wind is blowing. Felt really tired today so I decided that Dinio should get a resting day as well. I also have one knee that is aking. Therefor he stayed in his paddock for one hour more and I fetched him around 14.00 hrs. He was a little bit disturbed over this but went soon into a happy mode when he saw all the lovely hay and Fibergi - awaiting for him in his box. While he was feeding my mother and I cleaned his paddock. We filled the wheelbarrow 3 times before we where finished. But it feels very good to have this done.

Then Dinio got a thorough brush and we went on a walk where Dinio could graze grass. You should really see him - his eyes gets a very happy intensed look and he grazes and grazes and grazes. Poor Dinio - I think he has really missed this for a very long time. After about 30 minutes of grazing I decided that this is enough and we returned to the stable. But Dinio protested of course - he wanted to continue. After some discussions he finally decided to follow me. It was now time for his afternoon meal so Dinio found it worthwhile anaway. Tomorrow and every morning next week I'm the one to feed the horses in the morning. The stable owner has left for Falsterbo. So I have to get up early every day next week - 6 o'clock is the feeding time of the horses.


Av Tina Karlsson - 2 juli 2011 22:00

My vacation is lovely, the summer this year is warm, yesterday and the previous days during this week we have had 30 degrees. Dinio is used to this but not me. Due to the warm weather I have been riding during the evenings when it is a bit cooler, around 25 degrees. Today my goal was the walk pirouettes. Started of with the normal warm up, Dinio felt lovely. He really felt energetic and willing. I started the exersice with walking on a straight line, Dinio in a long low form with long strides. Very carefully I collected him, still on the straight line, and then road him forward again, alowing him to take longer strides and return to the long low form. This I repeated several times. When I was sure that we understood each other perfectly I shaped him around my inner leg, when he was collected, and started the turn. After the turn I kept him collected for a few steps, while I was straighten him, and finished each turn with riding him forward with long strides and a long low form.  When having problems with the turn I just stayed in the turn, until he found out where he should be, and when he was there, I finished the turn and road him forward againg. I really got some high quality pirouettes today, and the best part of all, he did'nt try to solve the problem anytime by turning into the spanish walk! Yes - today I really must say that we achieved in moving a limit. We finished our work with grazing grass for about 25 minutes. Dinio very happy for that and wanted to continue the grazing but 25 minutes is quit enough for now - have to be careful with him. Adding a photo of Dinio in one of his happy moments, walking in the forrest with my darling mother, grazing grass.


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