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Av Tina Karlsson - 9 maj 2013 19:57

Today will be a day to remember - and I am so happy that my darling mother and sister joined me with the camera.

First of all - the weather was just fantastic today, sunshine, 22 degrees and no wind. When I brought Dinio in from his outdoor paddock he played with me a lot. Today is a good good day, Dinio told me. He was really happy. Gave him his mash and then started to prepare him for our ride. It has happened so much with him since we moved to Rocksta. His stomach is super and he has started to put on more weight and mucsles. He is really looking good.

When I mounted Dinio was eager to move forward - a good sign. We have to walk a bit to reach the outdoor arena - which is really just fine. I took the opportunity to walk him a bit further but then I turned back and we entered the arena. Dinio felt just super from the start. Willing to move forward, listened and felt very soft in his body. So nice!

Today we trained on volts, transitions, shoulder in and half passes along the diagonal in trot. We got a lot of credit from our trainer, and he was a bit surpriced that Dinio was doing so well during this clinic. Much better than he had expected. "You have done some really good work with him" - "Well done". That felt very nice to hear. We still have some problems with the transisitions between the walk and the canter - but we will come around them as well. In the extended canter he is just super, halfpasses in canter are also super. In the extended trot, however, Dinio are lacking some strenght still, but we will find that too. He can really lengthen his trot but he increases his tempo in the beginning. My home work until the next clinic is to work more on the transitions between the walk and the canter.

My  goal is, of course, that they shall not be any problem next time.

Adding som lovely pictures from today - thank you Mammy!


Av Tina Karlsson - 13 april 2013 19:24

The endless winter is finally over. It has been a very long, hard and cold one. And due to this Dinio and I have lost 5 months of training. I am therefor happy to write that we moved to a new stable 14 day's ago. Here we have all the fascilities you can wish for. Dinio enjoys his new stable. He stay's between two geldings, Fridolin and Wilmar, and theese three have much to tell each other. Just friendly greetings and I am happy for Dinio. And no more a winter without an indoor arena.

However, the indoor arena isn't Dinios favourite. He gets very tensed there but I am certain that he will get used to it. We really have to train a lot indoors though most competitions take place in indoor arenas here in Sweden.

Earlier this week Dinio got a check up of his chiropractor. She said that Dinio felt just fine in his body, only a bit tensed in his right hip, nothing to worry about. She also said that he really had developed his body a lot. Still have to put on some more muscles on his back. Otherwise tip top!!

Today I rode my first clinic for Jan Schöneman. He comes on a regular basis to our stable and I thought it would be a good idea to try. Took a 30 minutes lesson today and will ride one more early in the morning. My darling mother joined with the camera and here are some photos from today.


Av Tina Karlsson - 23 september 2012 07:51

Time flies fast. It is now two weeks since my last note. So here comes a summary of the recent two weeks.

Week 37

Monday 10th, Dinio felt tired so I took him for a long walk around the Täljö area. He had a little high temp (38.3) before our ride and 37.9 after. It can, of course depend on the thick rug he is wareing but need to have my eyes on this.

Tuesday 11th, still a bit tired. Gave him an easy session, only walk and trot work, temp 37.9

Wednesday 12th, easy work and a short stroll around Täljö, temp 37.9

Thursday 13th, increased his work, felt nice, temp 37.9

Friday 14th, a resting day, temp 37.9

Saturday 15th, dressage session, a happy Dinio with a lot of energy, felt so nice, temp 37.9

Sunday 16th, a cleaning day in the stable, everybody joined and we manage to complete a lot of things that had to be done. Everything looked very nice indeed when we finished. Then it was time for my niece Jennifer to ride on Dinio. She brushed him thoroughly and then I rode him for about 30 minutes. A very happy Jennifer mounted and did very well. She rode about 30 minutes, both in trot and walk. I am not allowing her to gallop yet, but she will be able to in the future. Dinio behaved and took good care of her. Temp 38.0

Week 38

Monday 17th, his stomach was a bit swollen when I arrived to the stable, temp 37.9, took him on a long walk around Täljö. After our ride the stomach was normal.

Tuesday 18th, dressage session with Gunilla. A bit swollen in his stomach, but he did very well during the session. Felt a bit off in the beginning but soon he was full of energy and felt very well again. One thing I have noticed is that after his work he oftens drop loose faeces. Hmmmm. I do have a sensitive horse and I think he takes his stress inside of him.

Wednesday 19th, a loooong walk around Täljö, very nice in his stomach and perfect faeces, but 38.0 ?????

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st, dressage sessions with Hector Carmona. The exercise was and my training for now is to ride him from behind straight forward and out in to my hand, with the nose in front of the verticle. The goal is to get him to take longer steps and not to feel restrained by me. Unfortunately I found a small soft gall on his right front leg after our second session. The surface at the indoor arena was probably not so good so this was the first and the last time I am riding Dinio there. Temp Thursday and Friday 38.0

Saturday 22nd, Temp 38.1, Dinio tired, gave him a massage and a resting day. Stomach OK. I have , since the beginning of this week, removed Hippo grow Alfa from his evening meel and the stomach swelling in the afternoons have disappeard. I am now 100% sure that he is allergic to corn. Poor Dinio. Next week I will by a new concentrated feeding, Primero Total, especially composed for Spanish horses. Will slowly introduce it to him and are hopeing that this will be good for him.

Sunday 23rd - Today I will take Dinio on a long walk in the nature. Bad weather but he loves a good walk around.

Adding som pictures from last weekend.      

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 september 2012 07:39

Our work continues and Dinio and I are developing. We have now started to increase the collected work and it works very well. Unfortunately Dinio is still having problems with his stomach, now and then, and yesterday I introduced a slow feeding hay net which will provide Dinio with hay during 24 hours. Hopefully, in a few days, he will feed calmly. Although he have got his feed 5 times per day he have eaten to fast and I think this is one of the problems with his stomach. So I cross my fingers.

When Dinio is OK in his stomach his is also working extremely well. Last Wednesday I trained for Gunilla and just everything worked. He was just wonderful. Relaxed, with me all the way, energetic and just wonderful. Drove home with a big smile. Darling Dinio! I must say that our weekly sessions with Gunilla has improved our performance. She is just wonderful to train for.

This weekend we attended a two-day-clinic for Mette Henriksen. Gunilla is also training for Mette. As allways, when coming to a new place, Dinio behaves extremely well. I am so proud of him. And my darling mother joined me and helped me when loading on and off and so on. Dinio know us both and we both know him too, so that makes it safe and comforting.

From Mette I got good help in affecting the horse with my aids. Sometimes I have the feeling that he doesn't understand me and Mette saw what I was doing wrong. Sometimes the timing was wrong, and sometimes my right toe dipped, which resulted in a locket hip. When lifting the to up I came down on my right seeting bone and also got the correct respons. Small things that means so much. So, from now on I have to work on timing and constantly work on ME!

The clinic went well and I am very pleased. Adding some photos from the clinic.


Av Tina Karlsson - 21 augusti 2012 14:35

The week's are passing by. It is soon autumn, but still very warm and sunshine nearly every day. The last day's we have had very warm weather, with about 25 degrees C in the evenings.

During week 32 we attended a clinic för Gunilla - went very well indeed. So nice! Went home with a smile on my lips. Nice feeling! Varied the work with long walks around Täljö. Also fetched new hay this week. Green, smelles good and Dinio enjoyed it very much.

During week 33 we took two clinics for Gunilla, one at home and one at Stava stable. At Stava we trained on the program for the competition. Went very well. Not perfect of course but very good for riding a program for the first time. Nice to ride in an indoor arena with the correct messure 20 x 60 m. We are, of course, going to practice on the program several times. Dinio and I got a bit tensed, very natural, when you have to ride from point to point and the movement shall be performed by the letters, not when it feels right to do them. One major thing remains and it is catching the canter from the walk. When tensed it may result in the spanish walk instead. Need to get through to him in those situations and above all - work on relaxation. 

Gunilla has lent me a Sprenger bridle, which works very well on Dinio. Very calm in his mouth when riding on this bridle.

Yesterday Dinio got a resting day, gave him some massage and a good brush. Looked him through veru thorougly. He just loves it.

Yesterday evening I thought a lot of wether to start or not and decided today to wait a bit longer with the competitions. We need to spend more time on relaxation and the respons of my signals. 

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 augusti 2012 07:46

The life with Dinio is a roler coster. Week 31 started off very well. First a massage by a professional which showed that Dinio had some small problems with his muscles. I now know how to continue his massage after our sessions and how to stretch him accordingly. During our Tuesday session he felt a bit off so I decided to take him on a stroll around Täljö instead. Wednesday a new clinic with Gunilla where he just felt great. One movement that felt wonderful was the extended canter. This wonderful feeling stayed on during our Thursday session. And then Friday arrived with a change in the weather. A bit colder and some rain. In the early evening Dinio got a cholic attack which I couldn't solve. After 1 hour I rang the emergency vet who arrived 40 minutes later. By then Dinio was well but we decided to give him the treatment anyway. Poor Dinio!! Checked on him during the night and he was well.

On Saturday I bought ProEquo, a treatment for horses with stomach problems, which now will be administrated for about 20 day's. Dinio felt well and I took him for a long walk around Täljö. Nice! Yesterday a new session and he felt wonderful.

Yes, life with Dinio is a roler coster  

Av Tina Karlsson - 29 juli 2012 17:50

Dinio improves day by day, week by week. This summer so much has happened with him. He has really developed. I'm still not satisfied with his muscle mass and his strength. He need to gain more in weight and also in strength. But we are getting there. Now and then he have had some muscle ace and tomorrow a professional will come and give him massage. Sure, I massage and stretch him on a daily basis but my skills on this matter is not so good. Hope she can help Dinio and give me some instructions of "how to do" and what Dinio needs.

In the work Dinio has finally found himself and me. We are more and more becoming a unit. He is more relaxed, more soft and a real good listener. And he enjoys his work. All this makes it more easy to get through to him and to develop him. Our last two clinics with Gunilla was the best ever. Sooo pleased.

We have finally got our arena fully fenced. This resulted in an opportunity for my darlig mother to ride Dinio again. It was quit a long time ago she rode him. And she did really well. She rode for a while on the arena and then I joined them for a walk around the Täljö area. Well done Mum!

My niece Jennifer also got the opportunity to ride him. I must say that she did extremely well and enjoyed every minute of it. A future dressage star?

Adding a video from our clinic two weeks ago.

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 juni 2012 07:59

Yes, havn't been writing for about two weeks, but it depends on a busy ending on my work before my vacation, which started this Tuesday. Lovely - now I have 4 weeks to spend on - just Dinio and myself. Last weeks clinic went well. Gunilla rode Dinio for about 20 minutes so she could feel for herself what's missing. Dinio needs to practice more on the basics and also to strengthen himself. We are now working with transitions in round low form, he shall be relaxed all the time and wait for me. This weeks clinic went also very well. He still gets a bit tensed in the transitions but we are working on them. We also started to introduce the movement "going backwords". At the beginning we got the spanish walk but after just a little while he got it. He is easy to learn my darling Dinio. This clinic we also did some super half passes where he was correct in the bending and the forward was leading all the way. When he relaxes the half halts goes through and we can do the movements together. Not until then Dinio and I could become a unit. But when we do so it is just wonderful. What a super horse I have!!

Hopefully our first competition will be in August the 9th and 10th. At present I have a reserv place in both classes, but we will probably enter the competition.

Adding a picture from the end of March this year.


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