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Av Tina Karlsson - 9 januari 2011 18:40

Dinio and I should have joined Carnioso on a ride in the nature today. But due to a very warm night with +5 degrees the forrest roads had turned to ice, so I didn't dare to take him out. He might slip around a lot so I decided to do a dressage session instead. When I arrived today I took some photos of Dinio in his paddock. I also took som photos of him in the stable. Talked to Helen yesterday night and I promised to send them to here. I also took some photos of Carnioso so she could give them to Pepe. Salvador also wanted som photos of Dinio.

Today Dinio was very energetic and he did really well during our session. Fibergi Base has really kicked in and I will keep him of 1,5 kg per day for a while. Just to be sure that he doesn't get laminatis. Then i might increase it some more.

Enjoy the enclosed photos - Dinio is gaining some weight and even some muscles.


Av Tina Karlsson - 8 januari 2011 19:13

Yes, Dinio felt a little bit stiff yesterday so I decided that he should rest today. Tomorrow I will give him a long walk in the forrest. I arrived at 10.30 and cleaned out his box, fetched him from the paddock and served him his luncheon. Then I left the stable for bying Fibergi Base. Came back to the stable and off loaded the Fibergi. Took some and put it in my pocket and went to Dinio. Fibergi Base containes a little more energy so I have to increase it very carefully. Anyway, I served him a little and he really liked it. Then I gave him a thorough brush and a long massage. Took care of his small bruces and put hoof cream on his hoofs. He was very content and I left him about 14.30

Went home and decided to try to upload the video we took yesterday. But even my mothers computer didn't have "the right program or equipment" so very disappointed I went home. Hope I can solve this during next week. Nice to have a video uploaded, in the future you can take a new video and then go back and compare.

On wednesday next week the vet will come and give Dinio his second Bot vacc and attend his teeth. I also got a scedule from the sadle tester, she will come on January 17th and then I have Malin, our chiropractor, she will come on Thursday 20th. It will be very interesting to hear what they have to say.

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 januari 2011 19:59

Today my darling mother joined me to the stable. Our goal was to take a video of me and Dinio. And we did so but unfortunately I was unable to transfer it to my computer. Tomorrow I will try that with my mothers computer. Hmmm. Anyway, Dinio got , as a start, a lot of carrots. Nice! Then I gave him a brush while my mother cleaned out the box. We took some photos and my mother thought that he already had gained som weight. Good!

Then we went to the indoor arena which was already well used by 3 other horses, one of them taking a lesson. Anyway I started to warm him up. He felt a little off today so I gave him just an easy session. At the end he felt really nice. Tomorrow I will ride out in the forrest, just take a long walk and I think I'll do the same on sunday. Warm weather today +1 degrees and it will stay the same until Sunday.

Attended his bruces and at the end we cuddled for a while. Tomorrow I will increase the Fibergi to 1,5 kg per day. He need more power!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 januari 2011 16:27

Yes, today the weather was terrible. I arrived at 10.45 and took Dinio inside directly and gave him his luncheon. Even if the weather isn't nice I think he enjoys his 4 hours of paddock time. It is good for the health. Another ferrier was in the stable today and I asked him if he could replace a shoe nail that was missing. He did it for free! A real nice guy, I must say. Cleaned out Dinios box and refilled his water bucket, prepared his evening and morning meal. Gave him a good brush and checked on his bruces. They were really sore so I decided to change treatment.

Went to the indoor arena and started our session. Dinio felt alert and happy. Today there were 3 other horses in the arena but I think he is getting more and more used to that now. We warmed up with a long walk and then I shorted the rains and we started to trot. He felt lovely so I decided to work i little more with the shoulder in. Worked nicely. Then we started to canter and today I stayed in the canter for a longer time than before. We finished our session with trot in a long low form and thereafter a long walk. Lovely Dinio. Today several friends in the stable came and said that they thought he was such a lovely horse. "A real fairy horse" they said. Am I happy and proud? YES I AM!!

Attended his bruces and changed treatment. Hope this will make the bruces heal.

We cuddled for a long while and then it was time to drive home. During the time I spent in the stable it had came down a lot of snow. So I decided to take the highway home. Nevertheless, it was really difficult to drive but I managed to get home in one piece.

Tomorrow I will have to buy more FiberGi. Will change from Low to Base so he gets a little more power.

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 januari 2011 20:05

Today I decided that both Dinio and I needed a resting day. Left work at 12.00 and arrived at the stable at 14.30 Dinio greated me and I started to clean out his box, filled up the water bucket and prepared his evening and morning food. Then I gave him a thorough brush, a really long massage and checked on his small bruces. They really looked better today so I decided to let them be. Then we stretched a little. Dinio is accepting the stretching of the front legs now. He thought it was very scary before. I also treated his hoofs with a special hoof cream, good for hoofs with cracks. I reinstalled him in his box and then we cuddled for a while. There are two things Dinio like to do. 1 - carry my gloves. When he carries them he doesn't chew on them, just holds them and seems to be so proud of doing it. 2 - make me blow air in his nostrils. When doing so he shuts his eyes and stands totally still.

Dinio - you are a real gentleman. Rest and sleep well - tomorrow awaits another session.

Av Tina Karlsson - 4 januari 2011 21:15

Today I bought a sheep fur to put under the saddle. Very high price but necessary cause my saddle might be a little bit wide. I have also sceduled a saddle test to find out if I shall keep my Amerigo or change to another saddle.

Dinio is doing better and better. At our session today he felt very forward in the trot and the canter. We worked on transitions and half halts which worked very well. The walk pirouttes didn't work so well today. But then again, there were 3 other horses in the arena tonight. So I think this is his problem. He gets a little disturbed. He never does anything ugly but I can feel that he looses the forwardness in the walk from time to time. But we will come around this.

After about 45 minutes I returned to the stable and took care of his bruces. They looked a little bit better today so I decided to stick with the treatment I have choosen for them. Another thing that is bothering me is a hoof crack he has on the outside of his right front hoof. My ferrier discovered it when he visited me the first time. I am checking it on a daily basis and also treat his hoofs with a special ointment. I left a very happy Dinio, feeding on his evening meal.

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 januari 2011 20:09

My first working day after the vacation. Ended work at 16.00 and left for the stable.

Dinio greated me and we cuddled for a while. He looked very alert today. I cleaned out his box and to my surprice he had peed a lot. So the water bucket gave some result. Lovely. Took his temperature, 37.8 Good. Brushed him and discovered some small bruces. Could it be the boots? One was a little bit infected so I have to attend them after our session. No boots today. Went to the indoor arena and Ubbe (a P.R.E-horse rider and trainer) were there, helding a clinic. We started our own session and after a while he said "What a lovely spanish boy you have"! Yes - I answered, isn't he. We continued and after our canter session he (Ubbe) said "What a lovely canter he has. It is very seldom you see such good canter in the breed". Yes - I answered. His canter is excellent. In addition Dinio was very forward today so I took the opportunity to train on half halts, transitions and catching the correct canter. Everything worked today and he felt just lovely. Didn't dare to work him to long so we finished our session after about 45 minutes. Went back to the stable and attended his bruces. Hope this will do, I thought. Dinner was served and Dinio enjoyed everything of it. Since he gets 6 kg of hay in the evening I think he will have to eat for about 3 hours, at least. Sleep well my lovely Spanish boy. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 januari 2011 17:25

I arrived at 10.30 today and started to clean out his box. Dinio torned a little bit disappointed when I didn't take him in directly. But I needed to check his box thoroughly wether he had peed or not. But there was a lot of pee so when I finished cleaning I took his water bucket and installed it too. Then I fetched him from the paddock and he got his luncheon. I took a coffee and chatted a bit with my stable friends.The weather was really nice today, only -5 degrees and no wind so I decided that we should skip the indoor arena today and instead take a walk in the forrest. Ann accompanied me and we sat up and left the stable. Dinio looked and looked and looked, there was so much to take in. We walked on a forrest road, no traffic and no skiers. Nice! Deep forrest around us and of course - a lot of snow. Ann and I chatted about our horses, the present and of the future. Ann has a brown gelding, very good looking, and seams to be a very nice horse. She rides dressage and are about my age. We passed a feeding place for the wild animals, they are having a tuff time now with all the deep snow, so the owner of the farm is feeding them. I thought that Dinio might be a little bit afraid if he should smell them but he didn't react at all. This was the first time for Dinio to come out in the forrest. He behaved excellently and he really enjoyed it. This was really good for him.

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