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Av Tina Karlsson - 17 januari 2011 22:00

Today the saddle tester arrived to check if my Amerigo really fits Dinio. It was a little wide but with a correction pad it fitted perfectly. The result of the test was to keep my saddle, use it with the correction pad and take a new test after the summer. He will surely gain some more weight and also a lot more muscles.

The session today was really lovely, everything worked perfectly, half passes in trot and canter, walk priouettes and cathing the correct canter, directly, both from the trot and the walk. Dinio - you are the best!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 januari 2011 16:29

Today Dinio just felt lovely. Forward, a lot of energy and very attentive. So after our warm up I decided to work a little more with the half passes. Began with trot and worked with the half passes on each long side of the arena. Worked perfectly - felt very easy. So I tried it in canter as well. No problem at all. He even started to canter directly when I asked him to do so. My wonderful Dinio! Also worked a little on the walk pirouettes which now starts to work really nice. Then I tried to canter some more but now I got problem with catching the canter. I think he gets a bit unsure of what I really want him to do. But I didn't give in and finally he started to canter. So this is one thing I have to take with Ubbe the next time he is here.

Av Tina Karlsson - 15 januari 2011 18:13

So, finally, our joined walk together - Dinio and Carinoso. The walk took 1 hour and 10 minutes. Dinio was really on his toes today. Very happy and a lot of energy. He could bearly walk the first 1000 meters. Carinoso tried to cope and I had to stop several times and wait for him. But at the end we nearly succeeded to walk side by side. Dinio was looking and looking, so much to take in for him. The forest is deep and with all the trees and the deep snow it really looks like a fairy world. Wonderful. After our ride I took care of Dinio, of course. He got a good brush, the bruces are now looking very good. Then Katarina and I took a cup of coffee. I must say - a really nice Saturday.

Av Tina Karlsson - 14 januari 2011 18:00

Today my darling mother joined me. While she cleaned out his box I brushed Dinio thoroughly and cared for his small bruces and his hoofs. The tar is doing its job and the frogs are now beginning to look healthy. Tomorrow we will join Carinoso and take a ride out in the nature. I'm sure Dinio will enjoy that.

Av Tina Karlsson - 13 januari 2011 20:30

Dinio has fed very well which means that the dental work yesterday hadn't effected him in a bad way. Cleaned out his box and brushed him. Went to the indoor arena and the goal for today was the walk pirouettes and half passes in the walk and in the trot. He was very alert today and felt very forward. Good.

After the warm up we started the work with the walk pirouttes. There are some missunderstandings between him and me, but in the end they started to work. Changed between the pirouette and the half pass in the walk, which was a very good excercise. Thank you Helen for the tip. Half passes in trot worked really nice, no problem at all. This was really the first time I worked with them in a serious way and I am so proud of him. He is doing so well. We ended our session by repeating the exercise with the walk pirouettes. Very pleased we returned to the stable. The bruces are looking good and also the frogs in the hoofs. Left Dinio while he was feeding on his night meal.

Av Tina Karlsson - 12 januari 2011 17:48

Today it was time for Dinios second Bot Vacc and a dental care. Everything went well with the vet and Dinio will get his third bot vacc within one month and will need a third dental care within 6 months. So today Dinio have to rest and I brushed him and we cuddled a lot. I succeeded in borowing a computer so now I have transfered the video we took a few days ago. I tried to cut it  but still it remains for about 11 minutes, showing Dinio in warming up, trot work, mostly transitions, some canter work and at the end, the finishing where he felt just super.

Link to the video on Youtube:

Av Tina Karlsson - 11 januari 2011 21:30

Today I met a very alert Dinio. He got a little candy as a start and then I cleaned out his box. Gave him a good brush and went to the indoor arena. He felt very nice today so I took the opportunity to work a little with the half pass. This was the first time for us to work with it and I must say it worked very well. I also worked a bit with the walk pirouettes and they start to work a little bit better. Not perfect but we will soon be on top of them. I still have problems with the transitions from the walk in to the trot.

I remebered to bring the tar so after our session I treated his frogs with it. Left Dinio feeding on his evening meal.

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 januari 2011 22:00

No riding today. It was too windy and you could hardly stand in an upright position in the wind. So instead I gave Dinio a careing day. A good brush, massage, attended his small bruces which now are beginning to heal and treated his hoofs with the special hoof cream. Noticed that his frogs in the hoofs looked really bad so on my way home I called my ferrier. He recommended me to treat them with pure tar. I will start with this tomorrow night. Due to the mild weather and that Dinio isn't used to spend so much time outside in the snow are probably the main causes for this. On Wednesday the vet comes and Dinio will get his second bot vacc and probably a dental tratment as well. I left Dinio feeding on his evening meal. He looked very pleased indeed.

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