Alla inlägg under januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 januari 2011 17:26

Today we should ride out in the nature but I recieved a sms from Katahrina. She had got fever and was really ill, so we will do this another day. After Dinio had finished his luncheon I gave him a good brush. I noticed that he tried to pee several times, but nothing happened. Strange. Anyway, I took him to the indoor arena and gave him an easy session today. A little shoulder in and repeated the helps for catching the canter. It work really well. After a while he felt better so we continued to work on the walk pirouttes, which worked really good today. No spanish walk in the movements. After about 45 minutes we took a little walk around the farm and then I took him back to the stable. He tried several times to pee and now I got really worried. He looked happy and ate straw. Very strange indeed. Then finally he peed. Hmmm, I think I shall reinstall his water bucket tomorrow. Perhaps he doesn't drink enough? I stayed for a while, just to check on him but he looked very happy. He drank water and after a while he decided to take a nap. A little bit disturbed I left the stable.

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