Alla inlägg den 18 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 18 december 2010 21:00

I arrived at 10.30 Dinio was in the paddock and he greated me when I left my car and walked towards him. He went a little bit disappointed when I didn't bring him in directly, but I had to clean out his box first. Did so and then I took him in. He was very happy to get his luncheon, today 3 kg of hay and 0,5 kg Fibergii. He was really hungry. So I let him finish his luncheon and went to the kitchen and served myself a cup of coffee and to read an equestrian newpaper. After 1,5 hour I returned to the stable and he had nearly finished feeding, so I started to brush him and also gave him a soft massage. Then we went to the arena. The weather today was horrible, blowing and snowing and though it was only -3 degrees it felt as -15 degrees in the wind. If it had been better weather the plan for today was to ride him for a tour in the nature. But perhaps tomorrow. No other horses in the arena so today everything worked perfectly. Today I rode him with spurs for the first time. Continued the work in a long low form, worked on transitions between walk and trot and worked on the transitions between trot and gallop. We also worked with a soft shoulder in on the diagonals. My darling Dinio is week on the right side and strong on the left side. Therefor I have to ride him very straight for I while and slowly increase the bending.

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